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Open-source low-code platform to build and run enterprise applications cheap and quick
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Open Lowcode SAS
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Open-source Low-code platform to build applications quick and fast.

published by Open Lowcode SAS. You may also want to look at the Community Page and the javadoc.

The project includes the main low-code platform (a full application server), and also some java tools you may find useful in other contexts. You are of course very welcome to use just the java tools if it makes sense for you. As of today (August 5th, 2019), the Open Lowcode PDF framework and the Open Lowcode Messaging are released.

You are welcome to get involved and contribute to the project by:

  • suggesting new features or bug corrections. right here on github or on the community forum. Of course, the fixes will be best effort
  • writing improvements to the framework to be included
  • As a company using the framework, you may request additions to the framework for a fee to Open Lowcode SAS. Depending on the complexity, commitments for deliveries can be as short as a few days, and it may cost as a little as a few hours. Additions to the framework will be integrated in the open-source project, a great way for you to support the community.

This is the first open-source project of the author, so there may be technical mistakes done, do not hesitate to suggest improvements on the way the project is organized too.

You may also want to consult the contributor guidelines and code of conduct.

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