Controller Discovery Configuration

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OpenRemote control panels can automatically discover the IP address and port of the controller in the local network when multicast messages are enabled. When the controller is run with its default port (port 8688 on OpenRemote Designer, no additional configuration changes are required for the controller port to be discovered. However, if you for any reason run the OpenRemote controller on a different port number, due to port conflicts for example, you must configure the new port number that the controller discovery service advertises to the control panels.

For detailed instructions on how to change the controller port, please see Change Controller Default Port document.

Discovery Configuration View

In the 'Building Object Modeler' view, select 'Controller Configuration' tab and then 'Discovery' configuration category.


Figure 1. Controller Discovery Configuration View in OpenRemote Designer

  • Controller Service Port ('webapp.port'): The IP port the controller binds its HTTP connectors to and which is advertised to control panels by the controller discovery service. Notice that this value should be the same port number which the controller is configured to service incoming HTTP/REST requests from. Defaults to port 8688 on OpenRemote Professional Designer and future versions of OpenRemote Controller.

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