Controller Rule Configuration

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Rule logic for a local controller installation can be set and configured in OpenRemote Designer. Rules can be defined and modified by account owner, or a service provider acting on behalf of the account owner. When rule modifications are complete, they can be installed on a local controller via regular controller account synchronization mechanism. Therefore service providers can remotely manage the logic executed on customer installations.

Rule Configuration View

In the 'Building Object Modeler' view, select 'Controller Configuration' tab and then 'Rules' configuration category.

Rule Configuration Figure 1. Controller Rule Configuration View in OpenRemote Designer

This configuration category allows a rule definition to be entered in the text area at the center of the designer user interface. Enter your rule definition(s) here. Do pay attention to correct syntax as the rules currently aren't evaluated until they are deployed on the controller.

Once complete, save the rule settings and synchronize the controller with the new rule definition(s).

For overview and examples of the rule language used with rule definitions, please see Rules document.

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