Controller Security Configuration

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This configuration section contains security related configuration that can be remotely managed by the account owner or a service provider on behalf of the account owner.

Security Configuration View

In the 'Building Object Modeler' view, click on the 'Controller Configuration' tab and select security configuration category.

Figure 1. Controller Security Configuration View in OpenRemote Designer

  • Allow Configuration Upload ('resource.upload.enable'): Enable/disable the ability synchronize controller with the OpenRemote Designer account or uploading of an exported OpenRemote controller zip file to a controller. This is in particular useful when the controller is hosted on a public or non-trusted network where all users have access to controller's home page and therefore ability to upload new configurations. On all networks, trusted or not, this allows locking down the controller's configuration by disabling any further updates (unless manually managed on the local filesystem). Note: if disabled (set to 'false') it is only possible to re-enable configuration uploads and account synchronization by manually modifying the controller configuration on the local install.

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