Create Range Sensor

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  1. Switch to the "Building Modeler" view in the Designer.

  2. Create or use an existing "read" command or a listener for your device which returns an integer value.

  3. In the "Create New Device" dialog click "Add Sensor", or select an existing device in the left-hand side device tree and choose "New Sensor".

New Device Dialog - Building Modeler

Range Sensor

Range sensors return an integer value within a given range. Maximum range values are defined by signed 32-bit value range, extending from -2,147,483,648 to +2,147,483,647.

In the "New Sensor" dialog, give your sensor a descriptive name (this name will be visible to User Interface designers) and select the read command that is used to retrieve the device's range value (integer).

Select "Range" as the sensor type -- this will tell the User Interface components bound to this sensor what type and range of values to expect. Then enter the range limits into the dialog.

Designer New Sensor Dialog - Range

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