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  1. Switch to the "Building Modeler" view in the designer.

  2. Create or reuse an existing range or level sensor and (optionally) a write command to set a new value when slider state is modified in the user interface.

  3. In the "Create New Device" dialog click "Add Slider", or select an existing device in the left-hand side device tree and choose "New Slider".

Create Slider - New Device Dialog - Building Modeler

Slider Model

The model of a slider is defined in the "Building Modeler" view of the OpenRemote 2.0 Designer. The slider model aggregates command and sensor information into a single logical "slider" type which is exposed to the User Interface designers in their corresponding view. All the visual configuration (colors, labels, etc.) are configured in the "User Interface Designer" view.

In the "New Slider" dialog give your slider model a descriptive name. This is displayed to the UI designer as a choice of slider models when she designs the user interface.

Choose appropriate device sensor for the slider. This should be either a level or range sensor returning an integer value used by the slider UI component.

Finally, choose a "write" command to set a new value for "active" sliders that can be manipulated by users. This write command is used when the user changes the slider state through the user interface.

Create Slider - Designer New Slider - Building Modeler

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