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##Introduction IRTrans Ethernet modules gives you the ability to simulate any remote and control your infrared enabled devices such as TV, media center, audio player etc. After you learn the IRTrans module your remote control signals it can send them out. This way you can control your television with your mobile phone through the IRTrans module. How to do that will be discussed on this page.

##Hardware IR Trans has a line of IR products. The product we certify is the Ethernet Module. When choosing for this product to control your entertainment devices, keep in mind that a direct line of sight from the IR Trans module to all the devices you wish to control is needed. The device needs a connection to your network router and power; there is also a module available that uses Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Both versions come with or without an integrated database. Make sure you have the databse (*-DB) version since only that one can be used standlone with OpenRemote because the IR codes can be flashed into the device.

The functionalities of the following products are supported by OpenRemote. Certified products are extensively tested in combination with Professional Designer and supported by OpenRemote certified Integrators.

IRTrans - table1

##Configuration of System The IR Trans module will be controlled through the following set up.


To learn the module the IR codes that are used for your devices, you will need the software (choose your OS on the left) and follow the procedure explained in this video. The codes are learned by aiming your remote controller at the IR Trans module and pressing the button you want it to copy once.

##Importing devices in the Designer - Building Modeler

The next step is getting the learned codes into OpenRemote to be able to bind them to buttons:

##Specific Designer Remarks - UI Designer

If you would like a quick remote controller interface for television or audio system, there is a template available that does that both for mobile phones and tablets. You can find the template on the OpenRemote Online Designer at the UI Designer tab. Press 'New' and choose "New screen from template". There you will find public templates with keywords such as remote and television or audio to find the layout you need. After downloading the template you can of course modify it to your own needs

Users of the Professional Designer can easily import IR codes from a Pronto XCF file and generate commands to send them via an IRTrans using the [Import IR Commands from file](Philips Pronto IR codes from XCF files) feature.

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