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XBMC is a popular open source (GPL) software media player and entertainment hub for digital media. Since XBMC version 10 it offers a new JSON-RPC API which can be used to control XBMC. The OpenRemote HTTP protocol can be configured to use that API.

This How to describes the needed commands to implement a quick D-pad navigation. If you want to control more features of XBMC, the commands become more complex and you might have to use the rule engine which is out of the scope of this document.

Create new Device

In "Building Modeler", create new device (New>New Device)


Create commands

Still in "Building Modeler", select the device that was created in step 1 and click on New>New Command Specify a name and select "HTTP" as protocol.


The attributes for URL, username and password depend on your settings in XBMC. The control of XBMC with HTTP has to be configured in XBMC's Network-Settings first. There you define the port, username and password.

Create the following 7 commands which all look the same except the workload attribute.

XBMC Commands

You should know have a device and the 7 commands like this


Use commands in UI Designer

Now you can switch to the UI Designer and create a user interface. Here you can see a really easy D-pad without any pictures and plain text buttons.


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