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🇺🇸 OperationCode Frontend 🇺🇸

Build Status PRs Welcome

License: MIT Twitter Follow

Please Read

Please direct contribution interests to the new repository, OperationCode/front-end. This repository is moving towards deprecation as we work on re-implementing the website with better practices, a better developer experience, better SEO, and much better performance.

Quick Start


yarn run backend

If the command doesn't work the first time, run it again.

In another shell tab:

yarn start

If you're an experienced developer, please navigate to our Quick Start Guide.

What is a frontend?

When you visit our website you're interacting with two systems, a frontend application and a backend application. The frontend application (where you are now) is responsible for displaying images, text and data on our web pages. Frontend applications are usually written using a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and utilize one or more frameworks such as Angular, Backbone, Vue, and React. uses React.

What is a backend?

The backend is responsible for providing data to the front end to display, and processing data entered into the frontend, and running various jobs like inviting new users to Slack, or signing them up for our newsletter. The backend is written in Rails and can be viewed at

Mocking Backend Server API

Our backend API blueprint:

We are using for our Backend documentation. It also includes a Mocking Server so you don't have to stand up the whole backend. You just need to hit the Mock API endpoints for whatever it is you're testing.

To use, navigate to

For example, you want to gather all CodeSchool Members. Click on CodeSchool | Collection on the left-hand side. Select List All CodeSchool Members.

A form will populate. You can switch to an Example Code in the language of your choosing. More than likely it will be JavaScript on the front-end.

In the drop-down menu, select Mock Server and click on Try.

You will see a GET request with the mock endpoint url. You can now copy and paste that into your front-end to test your code.

Don't forget to remove the mock endpoint url when committing your changes for production. Reset your values and select Production to get the correct endpoint url.


Want to contribute to this repo? Check out our comprehensive Contributing Guide


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.