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The new ID stack

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  1. Next-gen identity server (think Auth0, Okta, Firebase) with Ory-hardened authentication, MFA, FIDO2, profile management, identity schemas, social sign in, registration, account recovery, service-to…

    Go 3.5k 309

  2. OpenID Certified™ OpenID Connect and OAuth Provider written in Go - cloud native, security-first, open source API security for your infrastructure. SDKs for any language. Compatible with MITREid.

    Go 11k 1k

  3. Open Source (Go) implementation of "Zanzibar: Google's Consistent, Global Authorization System". Ships gRPC, REST APIs, newSQL, and an easy and granular permission language. Supports ACL, RBAC, and…

    Go 2.4k 148

  4. A cloud native Identity & Access Proxy / API (IAP) and Access Control Decision API that authenticates, authorizes, and mutates incoming HTTP(s) requests. Inspired by the BeyondCorp / Zero Trust whi…

    Go 2.2k 206

  5. Write better integration tests! Dockertest helps you boot up ephermal docker images for your Go tests with minimal work.

    Go 1.9k 135

  6. Kubernetes Helm Charts for the ORY ecosystem.

    Mustache 146 111