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Docker image with Apache, PHP 7 and oci8
Dockerfile PHP
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Docker image with apache, PHP 7 and oci8

Images with dev suffix contains everything in pro and some other requirements for development like composer


Docker Tag Apache Version PHP Version Debian Version
1.0.0-pro 2.4.38 7.3.9 GNU/Linux 10
1.0.0-dev 2.4.38 7.3.9 GNU/Linux 10
1.0.1-dev 2.4.38 7.3.9 GNU/Linux 10
1.0.0-dev-xdebug 2.4.38 7.3.9 GNU/Linux 10
1.0.1-dev-xdebug 2.4.38 7.3.9 GNU/Linux 10


Quick Start

To pull from docker hub:

docker pull paliari/apache-php7-oci8:1.0.1-dev


Run the container:

docker container run -p 80:80 -v $(pwd):/var/www/html -d paliari/apache-ssl-php7-oci8:1.0.1-dev


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