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.cargo [engine] Move to new-style CFFI callbacks. (#4324) Mar 13, 2017
3rdparty Upgrade to pex 1.5.1; ~kill --resolver-blacklist. (#6619) Oct 11, 2018
build-support Fix python lint dependency on pyprep goal (#6606) Oct 18, 2018
contrib Fix python lint dependency on pyprep goal (#6606) Oct 18, 2018
examples delete unnecessary testproject and broken test (#6494) Sep 12, 2018
migrations/options/src/python Python 3 fixes - add open backport to contrib (#6295) Aug 7, 2018
pants-plugins console_rules can exit with exit codes (#6654) Oct 19, 2018
src test console_task which aggregates test results (#6646) Oct 22, 2018
testprojects Add testproject with C/C++ interdependent targets, fix native backend… Oct 18, 2018
tests test console_task which aggregates test results (#6646) Oct 22, 2018
zinc Zinc 1.0.0-X20 upgrade: JVM portion (#4728) Jul 18, 2017
.gitattributes Radical makeover of docsite. Apr 29, 2016
.gitignore Upgrade to v2 of bazel protobuf (#6027) Jul 10, 2018
.isort.cfg Get rid of the "Skipped X files" messages from isort output. Oct 13, 2016
.mailmap Prepare the 1.10.0.dev3 release. (#6369) Aug 20, 2018
.travis.yml Upgrade to pex 1.4.8 and eliminate workarounds. (#6594) Oct 8, 2018
BUILD Remove docgen from list of default packages, don't deprecate the --de… Jun 10, 2016 Qualify kythe target names with 'java-'. (#5459) Feb 13, 2018 Adding a Code of Conduct Nov 15, 2016 Add Daniel McClanahan & Dorothy Ordogh to committers (#5909) Jun 5, 2018 inserted a www. into some pantsbuild links to un-break them (#4388) Mar 27, 2017 Prepare 1.11.0.dev2 release (#6603) Oct 6, 2018
LICENSE Add a LICENSE file, as promised by every file header. Apr 3, 2014 Propose a github review workflow Nov 19, 2016 Port go to py3 (#6139) Jul 17, 2018
pants Run pythonstyle under the appropriate interpreter. (#6618) Oct 12, 2018
pants.cache.ini Add native support for incremental caching, and use it in jvm_compile Oct 22, 2015
pants.daemon.ini Deprecate the v1 engine option. (#5338) Jan 18, 2018
pants.ini console_rules can exit with exit codes (#6654) Oct 19, 2018
pants.travis-ci.ini Add libc search noop option (#6122) Jul 15, 2018
rust-toolchain Update rust to 1.29 (#6527) Sep 24, 2018

Pants Build System

Pants is a build system for software projects in a variety of languages. It works particularly well for a source code repository that contains many distinct projects.

Friendly documentation:

We release to PyPI version license

We use Travis CI to verify the build Build Status.

We use Coveralls to monitor test coverage Coverage Status.


At a minimum, pants requires the following to run properly:

  • Linux or Mac OS X
  • Python 2.7.x (the latest stable version of 2.7 is recommended)
  • A C compiler, system headers, Python headers (to compile native Python modules) and the libffi library and headers (to compile and link modules that use CFFI to access native code).
  • Internet access (so that pants can fully bootstrap itself)

Additionally, if you use the jvm backend to work with java or scala code (installed by default):

  • OpenJDK or Oracle JDK version 7 or greater