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A problem-independent scheme of accelerating the ADMM that does not require the user to write any parallel code
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parADMM Engine

This beta release is associated with Testing fine-grained parallelism for the ADMM on a factor-graph (Hao, Oghbaee, Rostami, Derbinsky, Bento).

The code includes a demo of how to use parADMM for a GPU or multiple cpu cores that is based on the circle packing example found in the numerical section of the paper above.

To compile, run: scons

Available flags:

  • --verbose shows debug output (including timing data)
  • --openmp compiles with OpenMP support
  • --cuda=/path/to/cuda compiles with CUDA support

To run:

  • out/packing (cpu and OpenMP)
  • out/packing-gpu (gpu)
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