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WARNING ⚠️ - this project has been retired due to lack of use & contribution, if you wish to continue to use it please fork or if you wish to maintain this project make yourself known ⚠️

Parse Embedded C SDKs

Parse Embedded C SDKs provide support for Arduino Yún, Unix, and RTOS C platforms.

These SDKs let you use Parse for building Internet of Things (IoT) applications with connected devices. Parse is a developer-friendly cloud platform that lets you get an IoT project running in minutes. With Parse, you can:

  • Build cross-platform integrations between your connected device and mobile/web/desktop apps.

  • Allow your users to personalize and monitor their connected devices.

    • Parse is the easiest way to build user login on mobile apps. Parse also has user session APIs in all mobile SDKs, which let you provision restricted sessions from the phone after the user logs into your app. You can then transfer this restricted session token to your device so that your device can access user-specific data.
    • With Parse APIs, you can build a device manager screen in your mobile app what shows the user's provisioned connected devices (sample app below). At any time, the user can revoke a device from accessing his or her data on Parse.
  • Send push notifications to your connected devices.

  • Securely access your app's data from connected devices.

    • All communication between your connected device's Embedded SDK and the Parse Cloud, including push notifications, is protected by SSL encryption.
    • You can protect user data with Access Control Lists (ACLs) so it can only be accessed with that user's session token.
  • Perform complex application logic in Parse Cloud Code, so you can minimize the memory footprint of your app on your connected device.

  • Send analytics events from your connected devices, and see realtime graphs in your Parse web dashboard.

  • Intuitively visualize your cloud data with the Data Browser on the Parse website.

Getting Started

Arduino Yún

Please follow our Parse Arduino Quickstart. We highly recommend using Arduino Software (IDE). See the yun directory for more details.

Raspberry Pi / Ubuntu / Debian / other Unix-based systems

Please follow our Parse Raspberry Pi Quickstart. See the include, unix, and debian directories for more details.

TI CC3200 / other Real-time operatings systems (RTOS)

Please follow our Parse CC3200 Quickstart. See the cc3200 directory for more details.


Please see the Parse website for detailed developer guides:

Sample App

We prepared a sample app that demonstrates how to provision connected devices using a companion phone app such that connected devices can securely access user-specific data on the Parse Cloud. This sample app also demonstrates how to send push notifications between the phone app and connected devices.


If you want to port this SDK to run on your own IoT platform, please see /partners/


See the CONTRIBUTING file for how to help out.