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PDFix SDK samples for Java Maven. PDF manipulation, content extraction, conversion , accessibility and more...

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PDFix SDK example Java Maven

Example project demonstrating the capabilities of PDFix SDK written in Java.


For more information please visit

Quick Setup

Run to download and install all dependencies, then execute main class net.pdfix.App.


Compile App

mvn compile -f pom.xml
mvn package -f pom.xml

Run the sample

Make sure to copy dependencies from {zip}/include/java to lib/ folder next to net.pdfix.App-8.0.1.jar.

Run or use command:

java -jar target/net.pdfix.App-8.0.1.jar --pdfix-bin <your_path>/pdfix/bin --test <test_name>
  • --pdfix-bin - [optional] path to pdfix bin folder if stored on custom location
  • --test - [optional] the name of the test to run. For example AddTags, AddWatermark. All tests are executed if empty

Manual Setup

Download PDFix SDK from

Copy class libraries from the {zip}/include/java into ${project.basedir}/pdfix/include/java/ so that you see there

  • net.pdfix.pdfixlib-${sdk_verison_num}.jar
  • net.pdfix.ocrtesseract-${sdk_verison_num}.jar

Install native libraries from {zip}/bin on your system by copying them into java.library.path (e.g. /Library/Java/Extensions/)

  • Linux:,,
  • MacOS: libpdfix.dylib, libpdf_to_html.dylib, libocr_tesseract.dylib
  • Windows: pdfix.dll, pdf_to_html.dll, ocr_tesseract.dll

Have a question? Need help?

Let us know and we’ll get back to you. Write us to or fill the contact form.