This adds a debug handler to DOM objects. #8

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tml commented Mar 20, 2012

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cataphract commented Mar 20, 2012

This seems a to be a lot code that could be replaced with just returning the prop_handler table. Why do you have it this way? Does the implementation of read_property called by zend_read_property do some magic I'm unaware for?

Also, it seems that here you're ignoring the dynamic properties that might exist in the object property hash table.


tml commented Mar 20, 2012

In fact, the dynamic properties are what I'm trying to give value to by using zend_read_property. If we only return the prop_handler table, we get "&UNKNOWN:0" as the value for each property. By using zend_read_property, we can actually provide meaningful values for these.


tml commented Mar 20, 2012

I should note that this is just an attempt to get some movement on a debug handler for DOM - I would certainly not object to someone wanting to write a better implementation; for example, I just blatantly ignore anything that's not a string, bool, long, double, or array because my attempts to handle objects like 'parentNode->firstChild->parentNode->firstChild->...' quickly became a mess.


dsp commented Mar 24, 2012

this was obviously commited as d046827

dsp closed this Mar 24, 2012

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