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go-ycsb is a Go port of YCSB. It fully supports all YCSB generators and the Core workload so we can do the basic CRUD benchmarks with Go.

Why another Go YCSB?

  • We want to build a standard benchmark tool in Go.
  • We are not familiar with Java.

Getting Started

git clone $GOPATH/src/
cd $GOPATH/src/



  • To use FoundationDB, you must install client library at first, now the supported version is 6.2.11.
  • To use RocksDB, you must follow INSTALL to install RocksDB at first.


Mostly, we can start from the offical document Running-a-Workload.


./bin/go-ycsb shell basic
» help
YCSB shell command

  shell [command]

Available Commands:
  delete      Delete a record
  help        Help about any command
  insert      Insert a record
  read        Read a record
  scan        Scan starting at key
  table       Get or [set] the name of the table
  update      Update a record


./bin/go-ycsb load basic -P workloads/workloada


./bin/go-ycsb run basic -P workloads/workloada

Supported Database

  • MySQL / TiDB
  • TiKV
  • FoundationDB
  • Aerospike
  • Badger
  • Cassandra / ScyllaDB
  • Pegasus
  • PostgreSQL / CockroachDB
  • RocksDB
  • Spanner
  • Sqlite
  • MongoDB
  • Redis and Redis Cluster
  • BoltDB

Database Configuration

You can pass the database configuraitons through -p field=value in the command line directly.

Common configurations:

field default value description
dropdata false Whether to remove all data before test
verbose false Output the execution query
debug.pprof ":6060" Go debug profile address


field default value description "" MySQL Host
mysql.port 3306 MySQL Port
mysql.user "root" MySQL User
mysql.password MySQL Password
mysql.db "test" MySQL Database


field default value description
tikv.pd "" PD endpoints, seperated by comma
tikv.type "raw" TiKV mode, "raw", "txn", or "coprocessor"
tikv.conncount 128 gRPC connection count
tikv.batchsize 128 Request batch size


field default value description
fdb.cluster "" The cluster file used for FoundationDB, if not set, will use the default
fdb.dbname "DB" The cluster database name
fdb.apiversion 510 API version, now only 5.1 is supported


field default value description "" PostgreSQL Host
pg.port 5432 PostgreSQL Port
pg.user "root" PostgreSQL User
pg.passowrd PostgreSQL Password
pg.db "test" PostgreSQL Database
pg.sslmode "disable PostgreSQL ssl mode


field default value description "localhost" The port of the Aerospike service
aerospike.port 3000 The port of the Aerospike service
aerospike.ns "test" The namespace to use


field default value description
badger.dir "/tmp/badger" The directory to save data
badger.valuedir "/tmp/badger" The directory to save value, if not set, use badger.dir
badger.sync_writes false Sync all writes to disk
badger.num_versions_to_keep 1 How many versions to keep per key
badger.max_table_size 64MB Each table (or file) is at most this size
badger.level_size_multiplier 10 Equals SizeOf(Li+1)/SizeOf(Li)
badger.max_levels 7 Maximum number of levels of compaction
badger.value_threshold 32 If value size >= this threshold, only store value offsets in tree
badger.num_memtables 5 Maximum number of tables to keep in memory, before stalling
badger.num_level0_tables 5 Maximum number of Level 0 tables before we start compacting
badger.num_level0_tables_stall 10 If we hit this number of Level 0 tables, we will stall until L0 is compacted away
badger.level_one_size 256MB Maximum total size for L1
badger.value_log_file_size 1GB Size of single value log file
badger.value_log_max_entries 1000000 Max number of entries a value log file can hold (approximately). A value log file would be determined by the smaller of its file size and max entries
badger.num_compactors 3 Number of compaction workers to run concurrently
badger.do_not_compact false Stops LSM tree from compactions
badger.table_loading_mode options.LoadToRAM How should LSM tree be accessed
badger.value_log_loading_mode options.MemoryMap How should value log be accessed


field default value description
rocksdb.dir "/tmp/rocksdb" The directory to save data
rocksdb.allow_concurrent_memtable_writes true Sets whether to allow concurrent memtable writes
rocksdb.allow_mmap_reads false Enable/Disable mmap reads for reading sst tables
rocksdb.allow_mmap_writes false Enable/Disable mmap writes for writing sst tables
rocksdb.arena_block_size 0(write_buffer_size / 8) Sets the size of one block in arena memory allocation
rocksdb.db_write_buffer_size 0(disable) Sets the amount of data to build up in memtables across all column families before writing to disk
rocksdb.hard_pending_compaction_bytes_limit 256GB Sets the bytes threshold at which all writes are stopped if estimated bytes needed to be compaction exceed this threshold
rocksdb.level0_file_num_compaction_trigger 4 Sets the number of files to trigger level-0 compaction
rocksdb.level0_slowdown_writes_trigger 20 Sets the soft limit on number of level-0 files
rocksdb.level0_stop_writes_trigger 36 Sets the maximum number of level-0 files. We stop writes at this point
rocksdb.max_bytes_for_level_base 256MB Sets the maximum total data size for base level
rocksdb.max_bytes_for_level_multiplier 10 Sets the max Bytes for level multiplier
rocksdb.max_total_wal_size 0([sum of all write_buffer_size * max_write_buffer_number] * 4) Sets the maximum total wal size in bytes. Once write-ahead logs exceed this size, we will start forcing the flush of column families whose memtables are backed by the oldest live WAL file (i.e. the ones that are causing all the space amplification)
rocksdb.memtable_huge_page_size 0 Sets the page size for huge page for arena used by the memtable
rocksdb.num_levels 7 Sets the number of levels for this database
rocksdb.use_direct_reads false Enable/Disable direct I/O mode (O_DIRECT) for reads
rocksdb.use_fsync false Enable/Disable fsync
rocksdb.write_buffer_size 64MB Sets the amount of data to build up in memory (backed by an unsorted log on disk) before converting to a sorted on-disk file
rocksdb.max_write_buffer_number 2 Sets the maximum number of write buffers that are built up in memory
rocksdb.max_background_jobs 2 Sets maximum number of concurrent background jobs (compactions and flushes)
rocksdb.block_size 4KB Sets the approximate size of user data packed per block. Note that the block size specified here corresponds opts uncompressed data. The actual size of the unit read from disk may be smaller if compression is enabled
rocksdb.block_size_deviation 10 Sets the block size deviation. This is used opts close a block before it reaches the configured 'block_size'. If the percentage of free space in the current block is less than this specified number and adding a new record opts the block will exceed the configured block size, then this block will be closed and the new record will be written opts the next block
rocksdb.cache_index_and_filter_blocks false Indicating if we'd put index/filter blocks to the block cache. If not specified, each "table reader" object will pre-load index/filter block during table initialization
rocksdb.no_block_cache false Specify whether block cache should be used or not
rocksdb.pin_l0_filter_and_index_blocks_in_cache false Sets cache_index_and_filter_blocks. If is true and the below is true (hash_index_allow_collision), then filter and index blocks are stored in the cache, but a reference is held in the "table reader" object so the blocks are pinned and only evicted from cache when the table reader is freed
rocksdb.whole_key_filtering true Specify if whole keys in the filter (not just prefixes) should be placed. This must generally be true for gets opts be efficient
rocksdb.block_restart_interval 16 Sets the number of keys between restart points for delta encoding of keys. This parameter can be changed dynamically
rocksdb.filter_policy nil Sets the filter policy opts reduce disk reads. Many applications will benefit from passing the result of NewBloomFilterPolicy() here
rocksdb.index_type kBinarySearch Sets the index type used for this table. kBinarySearch: A space efficient index block that is optimized for binary-search-based index. kHashSearch: The hash index, if enabled, will do the hash lookup when Options.prefix_extractor is provided. kTwoLevelIndexSearch: A two-level index implementation. Both levels are binary search indexes
rocksdb.block_align false Enable/Disable align data blocks on lesser of page size and block size


field default value description
spanner.db "" Spanner Database
spanner.credentials "~/.spanner/credentials.json" Google application credentials for Spanner


field default value description
sqlite.db "/tmp/sqlite.db" Database path
sqlite.mode "rwc" Open Mode: ro, rc, rwc, memory
sqlite.journalmode "DELETE" Journal mode: DELETE, TRUNCSTE, PERSIST, MEMORY, WAL, OFF
sqlite.cache "Shared" Cache: shared, private


field default value description
cassandra.cluster "" Cassandra cluster
cassandra.keyspace "test" Keyspace
cassandra.connections 2 Number of connections per host


field default value description
mongodb.uri "mongodb://" MongoDB URI
mongodb.namespace "ycsb.ycsb" Namespace to use
mongodb.authdb "admin" Authentication database
mongodb.username N/A Username for authentication
mongodb.password N/A Password for authentication


field default value description
redis.mode single "single" or "cluster" tcp "tcp" or "unix"
redis.addr Redis server address(es) in "host:port" form, can be semi-colon ; separated in cluster mode
redis.password Redis server password
redis.db 0 Redis server target db
redis.max_redirects 8 The maximum number of retries before giving up (only for cluster mode)
redis.read_only false Enables read-only commands on slave nodes (only for cluster mode)
redis.route_by_latency false Allows routing read-only commands to the closest master or slave node (only for cluster mode)
redis.route_randomly false Allows routing read-only commands to the random master or slave node (only for cluster mode)
redis.max_retries Max retries before giving up connection
redis.min_retry_backoff 8ms Minimum backoff between each retry
redis.max_retry_backoff 512ms Maximum backoff between each retry
redis.dial_timeout 5s Dial timeout for establishing new connection
redis.read_timeout 3s Timeout for socket reads
redis.write_timeout 3s Timeout for socket writes
redis.pool_size 10 Maximum number of socket connections
redis.min_idle_conns 0 Minimum number of idle connections
redis.max_conn_age 0 Connection age at which client closes the connection
redis.pool_timeout 4s Amount of time client waits for connections are busy before returning an error
redis.idle_timeout 5m Amount of time after which client closes idle connections. Should be less than server timeout
redis.idle_check_frequency 1m Frequency of idle checks made by idle connections reaper
redis.tls_ca Path to CA file
redis.tls_cert Path to cert file
redis.tls_key Path to key file
redis.tls_insecure_skip_verify false Controls whether a client verifies the server's certificate chain and host name


field default value description
bolt.path "/tmp/boltdb" The database file path. If the file does not exists then it will be created automatically
bolt.timeout 0 The amount of time to wait to obtain a file lock. When set to zero it will wait indefinitely. This option is only available on Darwin and Linux
bolt.no_grow_sync false Sets DB.NoGrowSync flag before memory mapping the file
bolt.read_only false Open the database in read-only mode
bolt.mmap_flags 0 Set the DB.MmapFlags flag before memory mapping the file
bolt.initial_mmap_size 0 The initial mmap size of the database in bytes. If <= 0, the initial map size is 0. If the size is smaller than the previous database, it takes no effect


  • Support more measurement, like HdrHistogram
  • Add tests for generators


A Go port of Yahoo! Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB)




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