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OsiriX DICOM Viewer

branch: develop
AYDicomPrint v.5.9
Binaries v.5.9
DCM Framework v.5.9
DicomImporter CurveFitter
LetsMoveAndDock Updated Localizable.strings
MSRG warnings
NIfTI_Library warnings
NSFont_OpenGL MD-305
OsiriX Launcher bundle names
OsiriXDB_DataMapping.xcmappingmodel apply manually an 'generatedByOsiriX' autorouting rule
OsiriXDB_DataModel.xcdatamodeld MD-721
OsiriX_Lion.xcodeproj v.5.9
Papyrus3 MD-921
Preference Panes v.5.9
Unit Tests DB sharing: memory leak
WebPortalDB.xcdatamodeld Rev. WebPortDB data model to include 'showRecentPatients'
cocoahttpserver v.5.9
iChatTheatreHelp iChat help misspellings
nitrogen v.5.9
.gitignore gitignore
AllKeyImagesArrayController.h GPL -> LGPL
AllKeyImagesArrayController.m GPL -> LGPL
Analyze.h GPL -> LGPL
Anonymization.h anonymize menu : existing fields v.5.9
AnonymizationCustomTagPanelController.h License + flipped view for Preferences svn merge -r8948:9045 ../osirix-trunk . untested, still needs some ch…
AnonymizationPanelController.h License + flipped view for Preferences merge -r9389:9443 ../osirix-trunk/ .
AnonymizationSavePanelController.h License + flipped view for Preferences License + flipped view for Preferences
AnonymizationTagsPopUpButton.h LLVM Clang test; MD-84 Prefer autorelease to alloc/release
AnonymizationTagsView.h anonymization dialog 'ok' buttons enabled only if formats are ok For NSString, prefer isEqualToString: instead of isEqual:
AnonymizationTemplateNamePanelController.h improved backwards compatibility for anonymization, fixed some data f… svn merge -r8948:9045 ../osirix-trunk . untested, still needs some ch…
AnonymizationViewController.h LLVM Clang test; MD-84 MD-21
AppController.h MD-21
AppController.m v.5.9
AppControllerDCMTKCategory.h GPL -> LGPL MD-155
AppleScript Test.scpt misc
BLAuthentication.h String constants for notification names are now const
BLAuthentication.m Check for nil arguments
BioradHeader.h svn merge -r8919:8948 ../osirix-trunk . (and remote db access black i…
BlackBody.plist First Import
BonjourBrowser.h new db publisher ok
BonjourBrowser.m unused variables
BonjourPublisher.h _osirixdb._tcp. is back
BonjourPublisher.m unused variables
BrowserController+Activity.h thread manager changes KVO: removeObserver(s)
BrowserController+Sources+Copy.h working on BrowserSource -> DataNodeIdentifier
BrowserController+Sources+Copy.m MD-507
BrowserController+Sources.h MD-114
BrowserController+Sources.m v.5.9
BrowserControllerDCMTKCategory.h Archives .zip and .osirixzip on CD/DVDs ok. again. unused variables
BrowserMatrix.h GPL -> LGPL
BrowserMatrix.m catch exception
BurnerWindowController.h MD-21
BurnerWindowController.m v.5.9
ButtonAndTextCell.h GPL -> LGPL
ButtonAndTextCell.m GPL -> LGPL
ButtonAndTextField.h GPL -> LGPL
ButtonAndTextField.m GPL -> LGPL
CLUTOpacityView.h MD-83 unused variables
CPRClusterView.h CPR Rendering added
CPRClusterView.m MD-21
CPRController.h MD-329
CPRController.m v.5.9
CPRCurvedPath.h Benoit CPR
CPRCurvedPath.m Fix warnings in CPR classes
CPRDisplayInfo.h CPR: added mouse position tracking on transverse slices
CPRDisplayInfo.m CPR: added mouse position tracking on transverse slices
CPRGenerator.h cleaned up CPRView a little, fixed issues with determining planar curves
CPRGenerator.m Fix warnings in CPR classes
CPRGeneratorOperation.h CPR Rendering added
CPRGeneratorOperation.m CPR Rendering added
CPRGeneratorRequest.h fixed bad commit
CPRGeneratorRequest.m fixed bad commit
CPRHorizontalFillOperation.h added nearest neighbor CPRGenerator
CPRHorizontalFillOperation.m fixed bad commit
CPRMPRDCMView.h misc
CPRMPRDCMView.m unused variables
CPRObliqueSliceOperation.h CPR: added CPRObliqueSliceOperation and export of oblique slices
CPRObliqueSliceOperation.m Fix warnings in CPR classes
CPRProjectionOperation.h super minor comment changes
CPRProjectionOperation.m Fix warnings in CPR classes
CPRStraightenedOperation.h svn merge -r8919:8948 ../osirix-trunk . (and remote db access black i…
CPRStraightenedOperation.m Fix warnings in CPR classes
CPRStraightenedView.h megamerge svn merge -r8623:8723 ../osirix-trunk/ .
CPRStraightenedView.m unused variables
CPRStretchedOperation.h ongoing work on stretched CPR
CPRStretchedOperation.m Fix warnings in CPR classes
CPRStretchedView.h svn merge -r8774:8793 ../osirix-trunk/ .
CPRStretchedView.m unused variables
CPRTransverseView.h MD-321
CPRTransverseView.m unused variables
CPRUnsignedInt16ImageRep.h CPR: orientation cleanup and bug fixes
CPRUnsignedInt16ImageRep.m v.5.9
CPRView.h svn merge -r8774:8793 ../osirix-trunk/ .
CPRView.m svn merge -r8948:9045 ../osirix-trunk . untested, still needs some ch…
CPRVolumeData.h added nearest neighbor CPRGenerator
CPRVolumeData.m Fix warnings in CPR classes
CSMailMailClient.h merge -r9286:9385 ../osirix-trunk .
CSMailMailClient.m MD-161
CalciumScoringWindowController.h svn merge -r8948:9045 ../osirix-trunk . untested, still needs some ch…
CalciumScoringWindowController.m MD-772
Camera.h MD-31: work in progress
Camera.m LLVM Analyze corrections
Cardiac.plist First Import
Centerline.h misc warnings
ColorTransferView.h Xcode 4.6 MD-83
ColorTransferView.m Xcode 4.6 MD-83
ColorView.h GPL -> LGPL
ColorView.m GPL -> LGPL
ComparativeCell.h fix: if comparative album studyName is empty, we had a totally white … unused variables
ContextCleaner.h MD-89
CurveFitter.h GPL -> LGPL
CurveFitter.m unused variables
CurvedMPR.h saggital -> sagittal
CurvedMPR.m saggital -> sagittal
CustomIntervalPanel.h MD-21
CustomIntervalPanel.m MD-21
DCMCalendarScript.h GPL -> LGPL
DCMCalendarScript.m GPL -> LGPL
DCMCursor.h SDK 10.7
DCMCursor.m SDK 10.7
DCMObjectDBImport.h GPL -> LGPL
DCMObjectDBImport.m comments and status saved in DICOM files
DCMObjectPixelDataImport.h GPL -> LGPL
DCMObjectPixelDataImport.m frames of interest for multi frame DICOM
DCMPix.h GeneratedName for 2DViewer
DCMPix.m Unavailable Papylib group
DCMTKFileFormat.h MD-837 MD-837
DCMTKImageQueryNode.h QR: check for duplicate entries WADO Download: sort images
DCMTKQueryNode.h MD-288 v.5.9
DCMTKQueryRetrieveSCP.h GPL -> LGPL unused variables
DCMTKRootQueryNode.h GPL -> LGPL v.5.9
DCMTKSeriesQueryNode.h DCMTKQuerySeries / DicomSeries matching MD-655
DCMTKServiceClassUser.h BrowserController: comparatives studies, work in progress MD-438
DCMTKStoreSCU.h MD-234 v.5.9
DCMTKStudyQueryNode.h optimizations for QR MD-681
DCMTKVerifySCU.h Doxygen brief descriptions New Feature: better error reporting during Q&R
DCMUSRegion.h merge -r9080:9107 ../osirix-trunk .
DCMUSRegion.m merge -r9080:9107 ../osirix-trunk .
DCMView.h v.5.9
DCMView.m v.5.9
DCMWaveform.h very unfinished ECG support: we draw the signals, but many DICOM tags…
DCMWaveform.m very unfinished ECG support: we draw the signals, but many DICOM tags…
DICOMExport.h MD-809 unused variables DICOMPrint as external process
DICOMToNSString.m Turkish Encoding Added
DNDArrayController.h misc, columns sorting prefs
DNDArrayController.m For NSString, prefer isEqualToString: instead of isEqual:
DarkBox.h GPL -> LGPL
DarkBox.m GPL -> LGPL
DarkPanel.h GPL -> LGPL
DarkPanel.m GPL -> LGPL
DarkWindow.h GPL -> LGPL
DarkWindow.m GPL -> LGPL
DataNodeIdentifier.h MD-507
DataNodeIdentifier.m test for valid objects
Decompres_Prefix.pch DCMFramework removed from Decompress process unused variables
DefaultsOsiriX.h MD-953
DefaultsOsiriX.m v.5.9
Deployment-Info MacAppStore.plist merge -r9107:9286 ../osirix-trunk . (untested)
Deployment-Info OsiriXLite.plist Version Bundle
Deployment-Info.plist Version Bundle
Deployment-InfoVP.plist 3.2b4
DicomAlbum.h WebPortal: optimizations
DicomAlbum.m WebPortal: optimizations
DicomCompressor.h added classes developed in DiscPublishing plugin MD-185
DicomDatabase+Clean.h Decompression/Compression bug when CD burning corrected, only-DICOM b… v.5.9
DicomDatabase+DCMTK.h Archives .zip and .osirixzip on CD/DVDs ok. again. TIMEOUT
DicomDatabase+Routing.h Decompression/Compression bug when CD burning corrected, only-DICOM b… v.5.9
DicomDatabase+Scan.h CD browsing: added a Cancel button to the Ask The User dialog v.5.9
DicomDatabase.h v.5.9 v.5.9
DicomDir.h merge -r9080:9107 ../osirix-trunk . MD-921
DicomDirParser.h svn merge -r8948:9045 ../osirix-trunk . untested, still needs some ch…
DicomDirParser.m synchronized dcmdump
DicomFileDCMTKCategory.h MD-837 v.5.9
DicomImage.h v.5.9
DicomImage.m v.5.9
DicomImageDCMTKCategory.h GPL -> LGPL New Feature: store key image in DICOM files
DicomSeries.h Force size to 70x70 for thumbnails
DicomSeries.m MD-893
DicomStudy+Report.h merge -r9045:9080 ../osirix-trunk . v.5.9
DicomStudy.h MD-952
DicomStudy.m v.5.9
DiscBurningOptions.h weasis 1.0.8 merge -r9537:9574 ../osirix-trunk .
DiscMountedAskTheUserDialogController.h Changed CD/DVD prefs pane, added 'ask the user' mode for CD/DVD mount…
DiscMountedAskTheUserDialogController.m Changed CD/DVD prefs pane, added 'ask the user' mode for CD/DVD mount…
Doxyfile-dcmframework Added Documentation target
Doxyfile-osirix doygen online
DragMatrix.h GPL -> LGPL
DragMatrix.m GPL -> LGPL
DragMatrixWithDelete.h GPL -> LGPL
DragMatrixWithDelete.m GPL -> LGPL
EndoscopyFlyThruController.h Centerline Icon
EndoscopyFlyThruController.m warnings
EndoscopyMPRView.h centerline Chunliang Wang - 19.07.2010
EndoscopyMPRView.m unused variables
EndoscopySegmentationController.h palette bug DCM Framework
EndoscopySegmentationController.m Avoid self release for NSWindow, NSWindowController, NSView
EndoscopyVRController.h GPL -> LGPL
EndoscopyVRController.m v.5.9
EndoscopyVRView.h GPL -> LGPL MD-21
EndoscopyViewer.h MD-814
EndoscopyViewer.m v.5.9
FVTiff.h GPL -> LGPL
FVTiff.m GPL -> LGPL
Flow.plist First Import
FlyAssistant+Histo.h MD-837 unused variables
FlyAssistant.h CPR - Benoit unused variables
FlyThru.h GPL -> LGPL
FlyThru.m MD-31: work in progress
FlyThruAdapter.h GPL -> LGPL
FlyThruAdapter.m static analysis with llvm/clang
FlyThruController.h megamerge svn merge -r8623:8723 ../osirix-trunk/ . MD-21
FlyThruStepsArrayController.h GPL -> LGPL
FlyThruStepsArrayController.m merge -r9045:9080 ../osirix-trunk .
FlyThruTableView.h GPL -> LGPL
FlyThruTableView.m GPL -> LGPL
French.plist merge -r9107:9286 ../osirix-trunk . (untested)
GEcolor.plist First Import
GLString.h MD-194
GLString.m Debug message
GetPrimaryMACAddress.m svn merge -r8948:9045 ../osirix-trunk . untested, still needs some ch…
GrayRainbow.plist First Import
HangingProtocolController.h CurveFitter
HangingProtocolController.m headers
HistoView.h GPL -> LGPL
HistoView.m MD-717
HistogramWindow.h GPL -> LGPL
HistogramWindow.m MD-717
HornRegistration.h GPL -> LGPL GPL -> LGPL
HotGreen.plist First Import
HotIron.plist First Import
HotMetal.plist First Import
Hue1.plist First Import
Hue2.plist First Import
IChatTheatreDelegate.h Access to AddressBook bug, solved
IChatTheatreDelegate.m Access to AddressBook bug, solved
IChatTheatreHelpWindowController.h GPL -> LGPL
IChatTheatreHelpWindowController.m GPL -> LGPL
ITK.h GPL -> LGPL SDK 10.7 unused variables
ITKBrushROIFilter.h GPL -> LGPL MD-447
ITKSegmentation3D.h GPL -> LGPL send roi add notification when adding an roi in region growing
ITKSegmentation3DController.h GPL -> LGPL
ITKSegmentation3DController.m MD-21
ITKTransform.h MD-829 Switch to modern Objective-C protocol
ImageAndTextCell.h svn merge -r8948:9045 ../osirix-trunk . untested, still needs some ch…
ImageAndTextCell.m MD-655
Interpolation3D.h GPL -> LGPL
Interpolation3D.m GPL -> LGPL
Jet.plist Jet list + sync G5 64-bit
KFSplitView.h String constants for notification names are now const
KFSplitView.m svn merge -r8948:9045 ../osirix-trunk . untested, still needs some ch…
KeyObjectController.h GPL -> LGPL GPL -> LGPL
KeyObjectPopupController.h GPL -> LGPL GPL -> LGPL
KeyObjectReport.h GPL -> LGPL GPL -> LGPL
LLDCMView.m MD-242
LLMPRController.h GPL -> LGPL
LLMPRController.m MD-83
LLMPRView.m merge -r9045:9080 ../osirix-trunk .
LLMPRViewer.h LLVM Clang test; MD-84
LLMPRViewer.m For NSString, prefer isEqualToString: instead of isEqual:
LLScoutOrthogonalReslice.h GPL -> LGPL
LLScoutOrthogonalReslice.m GPL -> LGPL
LLScoutView.h GPL -> LGPL
LLScoutView.m MD-185
LLScoutViewer.h megamerge svn merge -r8623:8723 ../osirix-trunk/ .
LLScoutViewer.m static analysis with llvm/clang
LLSubtraction.h MD-582
LLSubtraction.m merge -r9389:9443 ../osirix-trunk/ . MD-21 MD-21
LogArrayController.h misc
LogArrayController.m misc
LogManager.h MD-234 MD-746
LogTableView.h GPL -> LGPL
LogTableView.m merge -r9045:9080 ../osirix-trunk .
LogWindowController.h LogManager: code cleaning
LogWindowController.m MD-304
LoupeController.h new loupe
LoupeController.m nicer loupe
LoupeView.h new loupe
LoupeView.m The big nettoyage... bye bye MPR2DController
LoupeWindow.h new loupe
LoupeWindow.m misc 64-bit
MPR2DController.h orientation bug Avoid self release for NSWindow, NSWindowController, NSView
MPR2DView.h MD-83 procubitus support for endoscopy, mpr and vr windows, VPPro support r…
MPRController.h MD-179
MPRController.m unused variables
MPRDCMView.h svn merge -r8948:9045 ../osirix-trunk . untested, still needs some ch…
MPRDCMView.m unused variables
MPRFinalView.h misc
MPRFinalView.m misc
MPRPerpendicularView.h misc
MPRPerpendicularView.m misc
MPRPreviewView.h misc
MPRPreviewView.m GUI cursor, keydown insensitive
MSRGSegmentation.h new web site address warnings
Mailer.h MD-393
Mailer.m unused variables
MenuDictionary.h GPL -> LGPL
MenuDictionary.m Prefer autorelease to alloc/release
MoveManager.h GPL -> LGPL
MoveManager.m concurrency fix
MutableArrayCategory.h save albums includes info about studies included in non-smart albums,…
MutableArrayCategory.m autorelease pool
MyNSTextView.h GPL -> LGPL
MyNSTextView.m GPL -> LGPL
MyOutlineView.h DB columns: don't ever removeTableColumn, set isHidden instead
MyOutlineView.m MD-858
MyPoint.h GPL -> LGPL
MyPoint.m copyZone check for succeed
NIH.plist First Import
NO-VRControllerVPRO.m new web site address
NSAppleScript+HandlerCalls.h email work in progress
NSAppleScript+HandlerCalls.m email work in progress
NSError+OsiriX.h CPR Rendering added CPR Rendering added
NSFullScreenWindow.h GPL -> LGPL
NSFullScreenWindow.m GPL -> LGPL
NSImage+OsiriX.h major changes in OrisiX to fulfill the needs for the DiscPublishing p…
NSImage+OsiriX.m massive usage of N2LogExceptionWithStackTrace
NSPreferencePane+OsiriX.h License + flipped view for Preferences Preferences: isUnlocked
NSSplitViewSave.h Cloud DICOM Nodes: eureka...
NSSplitViewSave.m Cloud DICOM Nodes: eureka...
NSUserDefaults+OsiriX.h Changing the way the user can configure which screens are used by Osi… Screen selection fix
NSUserDefaultsController+OsiriX.h work in progress for Web Portal work in progress for Web Portal
NavigatorView.h megamerge svn merge -r8623:8723 ../osirix-trunk/ .
NavigatorView.m MD-772
NavigatorWindowController.h MD-725
NavigatorWindowController.m MD-725
NetworkMoveDataHandler.h misc
NetworkMoveDataHandler.m warnings
Notifications.h KeyValueObserving, instead of NSNotifications for NSUserDefaults SERV…
Notifications.m KeyValueObserving, instead of NSNotifications for NSUserDefaults SERV…
O2DicomPredicateEditor.h misc
O2DicomPredicateEditor.m misc
O2DicomPredicateEditorCodeStrings.h misc
O2DicomPredicateEditorCodeStrings.m misc
O2DicomPredicateEditorDCMAttributeTag.h misc
O2DicomPredicateEditorDCMAttributeTag.m misc
O2DicomPredicateEditorDatePicker.h misc misc
O2DicomPredicateEditorFormatters.h misc
O2DicomPredicateEditorFormatters.m misc
O2DicomPredicateEditorPopUpButton.h misc
O2DicomPredicateEditorPopUpButton.m misc
O2DicomPredicateEditorView.h misc
O2DicomPredicateEditorView.m MD-840
O2ViewerThumbnailsMatrix.h MD-873 unused variables
OSICoalescedPlanarROI.h svn merge -r8948:9045 ../osirix-trunk . untested, still needs some ch…
OSICoalescedPlanarROI.m unused variables
OSIEnvironment+Private.h Added data change notification to pluginSDK
OSIEnvironment.h svn merge -r8919:8948 ../osirix-trunk . (and remote db access black i…
OSIEnvironment.m Added data change notification to pluginSDK
OSIFloatVolumeData.h work on the OSI pluginSDK, added a bunch of new functionality
OSIFloatVolumeData.m svn merge -r8948:9045 ../osirix-trunk . untested, still needs some ch…
OSIGeometry.h svn merge -r8948:9045 ../osirix-trunk . untested, still needs some ch…
OSIGeometry.m MD-109
OSIMaskROI.h add mask accessor
OSIMaskROI.m Implemented slab.thickness for OSIROI drawing
OSIPathExtrusionROI.h implement bezierPath in OSIPathExtrusionROI
OSIPathExtrusionROI.m unused variables
OSIPathROI.h svn merge -r8919:8948 ../osirix-trunk . (and remote db access black i…
OSIPathROI.m v.5.9
OSIPlanarBrushROI.h svn merge -r8948:9045 ../osirix-trunk . untested, still needs some ch…
OSIPlanarBrushROI.m v.5.9
OSIPlanarPathROI.h svn merge -r8948:9045 ../osirix-trunk . untested, still needs some ch…
OSIPlanarPathROI.m v.5.9
OSIROI+Private.h svn merge -r8948:9045 ../osirix-trunk . untested, still needs some ch…
OSIROI.h add OSIROI volume accessors
OSIROI.m fixed OSIROIMask centerOfMass
OSIROIFloatPixelData.h Plugin SDK fixes
OSIROIFloatPixelData.m Plugin SDK fixes
OSIROIManager+Private.h PluginSDK work
OSIROIManager.h Added data change notification to pluginSDK
OSIROIManager.m MD-772
OSIROIMask.h Performance improvements to OSIROIMask
OSIROIMask.m unused variables
OSIROIMaskRunStack.h work on the OSI pluginSDK, added a bunch of new functionality
OSIROIMaskRunStack.m work on the OSI pluginSDK, added a bunch of new functionality
OSIStudy.h svn merge -r8919:8948 ../osirix-trunk . (and remote db access black i…
OSIStudy.m svn merge -r8919:8948 ../osirix-trunk . (and remote db access black i…
OSIVolumeWindow+Private.h Added data change notification to pluginSDK
OSIVolumeWindow.h Added data change notification to pluginSDK
OSIVolumeWindow.m Make the plugin SDK ask the ViewerController to compute slice interva…
OSIVoxel.h GPL -> LGPL
OSIVoxel.m CPR Path Assistant
OSIWindow.h megamerge svn merge -r8623:8723 ../osirix-trunk/ .
OSIWindow.m Restore window size after printing
OSIWindowController.h Compress/Decompress: catch C++ exceptions, OSIWindowController: retai…
OSIWindowController.m HD-21
OpacityTransferView.h GPL -> LGPL
OpacityTransferView.m MD-305
OpenGLScreenReader.h DICOM TLS - storescu: ask for private key password
OpenGLScreenReader.m v.5.9
OrthogonalMPRController.h MD-83
OrthogonalMPRController.m Render Plain in OrthoMPR bug, corrected
OrthogonalMPRPETCTController.h Xcode 4.6 MD-83
OrthogonalMPRPETCTController.m LLVM Clang test; MD-84
OrthogonalMPRPETCTView.h ortho mpr sync changes by Ben
OrthogonalMPRPETCTView.m MD-34 solved, workaround
OrthogonalMPRPETCTViewer.h Xcode 4.6 MD-83
OrthogonalMPRPETCTViewer.m v.5.9
OrthogonalMPRView.h Xcode 4.6 MD-83
OrthogonalMPRView.m unused variables
OrthogonalMPRViewer.h ortho mpr sync changes by Ben
OrthogonalMPRViewer.m v.5.9
OrthogonalReslice.h MD-582
OrthogonalReslice.m MD-582
OsiriX.cer code signing
OsiriX.sdef svn merge -r8742:8756 ../osirix-trunk/ .
OsiriXAPI-Info.plist OsiriX API, framework is now correctly cleaned of the header files wh… export ROIs & Keys if esc key pressed
OsiriXLite_Prefix.pch OsiriX Lite
OsiriXNotificationCenter.m OsiriXNotificationCenter turned off
OsiriXSCPDataHandler.h DICOM Network logs: Cocoa based (NSDictionary) MD-695
OsiriXToolbar.h GPL -> LGPL
OsiriXToolbar.m MD-725
OsiriX_Prefix.pch export toolbar tools enabled
PSGenerator.h major progress on the OsiriX web portal
PSGenerator.m passwords
PaletteController.h megamerge svn merge -r8623:8723 ../osirix-trunk/ .
PaletteController.m merge -r9481:9537 ../osirix-trunk .
PathForImage.h GPL -> LGPL GPL -> LGPL
Perfusion.plist merge -r9107:9286 ../osirix-trunk . (untested)
PieChartImage.h GPL -> LGPL
PieChartImage.m GPL -> LGPL
Piecewise3D.h GPL -> LGPL static analysis with llvm/clang
PlaceholderWindowController.h headers
PlaceholderWindowController.m Avoid self release for NSWindow, NSWindowController, NSView
PlotView.h GPL -> LGPL
PlotView.m Xcode 4.4
PlotWindow.h GPL -> LGPL
PlotWindow.m MD-107
PluginFileFormatDecoder.h GPL -> LGPL
PluginFileFormatDecoder.m GPL -> LGPL
PluginFilter.h Plugin certified for medical imaging
PluginFilter.m copyViewerWindow function: support for 4D datasets
PluginManager.h merge -r9537:9574 ../osirix-trunk .
PluginManager.m v.5.9
PluginManagerController.h SDK 10.7
PluginManagerController.m v.5.9
Point3D.h moved 3DPoint N3 category from N3Geometry to 3DPoint
Point3D.m moved 3DPoint N3 category from N3Geometry to 3DPoint
PreferencesView.h retain instead of assign For NSString, prefer isEqualToString: instead of isEqual:
PreferencesWindowController+DCMTK.h changed preferences window, some improvements still needed: save wind… v.5.9
PreferencesWindowController.h code cleaning v.5.9
PrettyCell.h Sources cell now same as album cell: PrettyCell supports extra NSView… MD-885
PreviewView.h GPL -> LGPL
PreviewView.m MD-772
QTExportHTMLSummary.h further modifications for Disc Publishing plugin
QTExportHTMLSummary.m autorelease pool
QTExportPatientsTemplate.html QT Export. HTML+CSS. What do you think of the new layout?
QTExportSeriesTemplate.html Quicktime->AVFoundation migration: work in progress
QTExportStudiesTemplate.html QT Export. HTML+CSS. What do you think of the new layout?
QTExportStyle.css QT HTML export. Template for big movies.
Quaternion.h Endoscopy: enhancement for flyAssistant Endoscopy: enhancement for flyAssistant
QueryArrayController.h Cloud Preference Pane: work in progress dontFilterQueryStudiesForUniqueInstanceUID: keep the study with the h…
QueryController.h MD-766 v.5.9
QueryFilter.h QR: new GUI
QueryFilter.m QR: new GUI
QueryLogController.h GPL -> LGPL
QueryLogController.m MD-304
QueryOutlineView.h GPL -> LGPL
QueryOutlineView.m MD-19
QuicktimeExport.h NSMovie, QTMovie -> AVFoundation : work in progress
QuicktimeExport.m MD-655
README.txt Quicktime VR is not supported since 10.7 SDK
ROI.h Invert Views Colors
ROI.m v.5.9
ROIDefaultsWindow.h megamerge svn merge -r8623:8723 ../osirix-trunk/ .
ROIDefaultsWindow.m merge -r9481:9537 ../osirix-trunk .
ROIManagerController.h GPL -> LGPL
ROIManagerController.m Misc corrections, based on bugs reports
ROIVolume.h MD-858 Check for nil
ROIVolumeController.h MD-858 unused variables
ROIVolumeManagerController.h megamerge svn merge -r8623:8723 ../osirix-trunk/ . static analysis with llvm/clang
ROIVolumeView.h MD-858 v.5.9
ROIWindow.h megamerge svn merge -r8623:8723 ../osirix-trunk/ .
ROIWindow.m MD-704
Rainbow.plist First Import
Rainbow2.plist First Import
Rainbow3.plist First Import
Ratio.plist First Import
RemoteDicomDatabase.h MD-507 gnu11-c++ syntax
ReportPluginFilter.h GPL -> LGPL
ReportPluginFilter.m GPL -> LGPL
Reports.h MD-697
Reports.m v.5.9
Rules.plist Don't sign plugins
SFAuthorizationView+OsiriX.h License + flipped view for Preferences License + flipped view for Preferences
SRAnnotation.h MD-639 v.5.9
SRArrayController.h GPL -> LGPL
SRArrayController.m GPL -> LGPL
SRController+StereoVision.h misc v.5.9
SRController.h MD-21 v.5.9
SRFlyThruAdapter+StereoVision.h misc
SRFlyThruAdapter+StereoVision.m misc
SRFlyThruAdapter.h GPL -> LGPL
SRFlyThruAdapter.m static analysis with llvm/clang
SRView+StereoVision.h misc set available tags with NSNumber instead of NSInteger
SRView.h iDisk and QTVR support, removed, 32-bit shell removed Invert Views Colors
Schedulable.h GPL -> LGPL
Scheduler.h GPL -> LGPL
Scheduler.m MPProcessors removed
Scripting_Additions.h GPL -> LGPL
Scripting_Additions.m working on xmlrpc for backwards compatibility
SearchWindowController.h edit sql query
SearchWindowController.m edit sql query
SelectedKeyImagesArrayController.h GPL -> LGPL
SelectedKeyImagesArrayController.m GPL -> LGPL
SelectionView.h GPL -> LGPL
SelectionView.m GPL -> LGPL
SendController.h MD-234
SendController.m v.5.9
SeriesView.h v.5.9
SeriesView.m v.5.9
ShadingArrayController.h GPL -> LGPL
ShadingArrayController.m MD-21
SimplePing.c New Feature: better compression transfer syntax selection during netw…
SimplePing.h ping
SmartWindowController.h ok
SmartWindowController.m v.5.9
Spectrum.plist First Import
SplashScreen.h MD-169
SplashScreen.m v.5.9
Spline3D.h GPL -> LGPL static analysis with llvm/clang
StaticScheduler.h GPL -> LGPL
StaticScheduler.m GPL -> LGPL
Stern.plist First Import
StringTexture.h Retina screens, annotations during printing
StringTexture.m memory log
StructuredReport.h GPL -> LGPL GPL -> LGPL
StructuredReportController.h GPL -> LGPL GPL -> LGPL
StudyView.h GPL -> LGPL
StudyView.m GPL -> LGPL
Survey.h GPL -> LGPL
Survey.m Avoid self release for NSWindow, NSWindowController, NSView
ThickSlabController.h megamerge svn merge -r8623:8723 ../osirix-trunk/ . LLVM Clang test; MD-84
ThickSlabVR.h GPL -> LGPL replacing all '@selector( ' with '@selector(' so we can more easliy n…
ThreadCell.h ThreadCell : crash on _view release? Misc
ThreadModalForWindowController.h GUI update misc GUI
ThreadsManager.h solved compress/decompress status TODO, added cleanFinishedThreads ti… v.5.9
ThreeDPanView.h GPL -> LGPL
ThreeDPanView.m GPL -> LGPL
ThreeDPositionController.h GPL -> LGPL
ThreeDPositionController.m MD-45 corrected
ThumbnailCell.h Invert Views Colors
ThumbnailCell.m Invert Views Colors
ThumbnailsListNSWindow.h MD-725
ThumbnailsListNSWindow.m MD-725
ThumbnailsListPanel.h MD-725
ThumbnailsListPanel.m unused variables
To-Do.txt todo list has been migrated to pixmeo JIRA
ToolBarNSWindow.h MD-21
ToolBarNSWindow.m Display Toolbar as a mainWindow
ToolbarPanel.h MD-21
ToolbarPanel.m Display Toolbar as a mainWindow
UCLA.plist First Import
VR Bones.plist First Import
VR Muscles-Bones.plist First Import
VR Red Vessels.plist First Import
VRController+StereoVision.h stereo files v.5.9
VRController.h 3DPoint, 2DPoint hotkeys; better support for DICOM_Field templates v.5.9
VRControllerVPRO.h 3DConnecion SpaceNavigator : record flythru by holding the ctrl key p… Avoid self release for NSWindow, NSWindowController, NSView
VRFlyThruAdapter+StereoVision.h misc
VRFlyThruAdapter+StereoVision.m misc
VRFlyThruAdapter.h GPL -> LGPL
VRFlyThruAdapter.m static analysis with llvm/clang
VRPROFlyThruAdapter.h Added comments to add a brief description of the classes for Doxygen
VRPROFlyThruAdapter.m nsimage will now return an autorelease object
VRPresetPreview.h GPL -> LGPL MD-185
VRView+StereoVision.h MD-582 set available tags with NSNumber instead of NSInteger
VRView.h Display the VTK exception v.5.9
VRViewVPRO.h memory leaks documentsDirectory function cleaning, export as keyimages/auto-send merge -r9389:9443 ../osirix-trunk/ .
VTKStereoSRView.h CPR Rendering added CPR Rendering added
VTKStereoVRView.h CPR Rendering added merge -r9389:9443 ../osirix-trunk/ .
ViewerController+CPP.h Save as DICOM SC and mark as Key Image for ViewerController MD-234
ViewerController.h v.5.9
ViewerController.m GeneratedName for 2DViewer
WADODownload.h MD-493
WADODownload.m v.5.9
Wait.h megamerge svn merge -r8623:8723 ../osirix-trunk/ .
Wait.m MD-21
WaitRendering.h svn merge -r8948:9045 ../osirix-trunk . untested, still needs some ch…
WaitRendering.m misc GUI
WebPortal+Email+Log.h merge -r9286:9385 ../osirix-trunk . independentDatabase, required only on secondary threads
WebPortal.h v.5.9 v.5.9
WebPortalConnection+Data.h MD-598 v.5.9
WebPortalConnection.h MD-598 unused variables
WebPortalDatabase.h svn merge -r8742:8756 ../osirix-trunk/ . WebPortal: no case sensitivity for username
WebPortalResponse.h WebPortal optimizations: clear cache, if db changes v.5.9
WebPortalSession.h WebPortal: optimization MD-598
WebPortalStudy.h work in progress for Web Portal More independent contexts : avoid using the same managedobjectcontext…
WebPortalUser.h MD-319 unused variables
Window3DController+StereoVision.h misc
Window3DController+StereoVision.m EPFL stereo vision
Window3DController.h megamerge svn merge -r8623:8723 ../osirix-trunk/ .
Window3DController.m Print: full screen, and restore
WindowLayoutManager.h v.5.9
WindowLayoutManager.m v.5.9
XMLController.h v.5.9
XMLController.m v.5.9
XMLControllerDCMTKCategory.h comments are stored in DICOM format v.5.9
XMLRPCMethods.h working on xmlrpc for backwards compatibility v.5.9
altivecFunctions.c GPL -> LGPL
altivecFunctions.h GPL -> LGPL
browserController.h v.5.9
browserController.m v.5.9
dicomData.h GPL -> LGPL
dicomData.m GPL -> LGPL
dicomFile.h unused code, removed.
dicomFile.m v.5.9
iCal script.applescript First Import
iPhoto.h MD-393
iPhoto.m unused variables
ired.plist First Import
main.m References to Quicktime framework, removed
pluginSDKAdditions.h svn merge -r8948:9045 ../osirix-trunk . untested, still needs some ch…
pluginSDKAdditions.m svn merge -r8948:9045 ../osirix-trunk . untested, still needs some ch…
printView.h GPL -> LGPL
printView.m Background color during printing
ramDiskScript.txt reduce lock/unlock for DICOM Services SCP
sourcesTableView.h Doxygen brief descriptions
sourcesTableView.m Q&R GUI
stringAdditions.h GPL -> LGPL
stringAdditions.m GPL -> LGPL
stringNumericCompare.h GPL -> LGPL
stringNumericCompare.m MD-60
vtkPowerCrustSurfaceReconstruction.cxx unused variables
vtkPowerCrustSurfaceReconstruction.h Add Connections between points for centerline management.
This repository contains the source code of OsiriX, the open-source DICOM Viewer.

About OsiriX...

OsiriX is an image processing software dedicated to DICOM images (".dcm" / ".DCM" extension) produced by imaging equipment (MRI, CT, PET, PET-CT, SPECT-CT, Ultrasounds, ...). It is fully compliant with the DICOM standard for image comunication and image file formats. OsiriX is able to receive images transferred by DICOM communication protocol from any PACS or imaging modality (C-STORE SCP/SCU, and Query/Retrieve : C-MOVE SCU/SCP, C-FIND SCU/SCP, C-GET SCU/SCP, WADO) .

OsiriX has been specifically designed for navigation and visualization of multimodality and multidimensional images: 2D Viewer, 3D Viewer, 4D Viewer (3D series with temporal dimension, for example: Cardiac-CT) and 5D Viewer (3D series with temporal and functional dimensions, for example: Cardiac-PET-CT). The 3D Viewer offers all modern rendering modes: Multiplanar reconstruction (MPR), Surface Rendering, Volume Rendering and Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP). All these modes support 4D data and are able to produce image fusion between two different series (PET-CT and SPECT-CT display support).

OsiriX is at the same time a DICOM PACS workstation for imaging and an image processing software for medical research (radiology and nuclear imaging), functional imaging, 3D imaging, confocal microscopy and molecular imaging.

Who is behind OsiriX? Read the User Manual introduction:

OsiriX is currently developped and maintained by Pixmeo, a Geneva based company in Switzerland.

Looking for certified version for using OsiriX in clinical environments? We distribute a FDA-Cleared version for primary diagnostic imaging: OsiriX MD, or you can go to our partners page to find a certified version of OsiriX.

OsiriX is available in 32-bit and 64-bit format. The 64-bit version allows you to load an unlimited number of images, exceeding the 4-GB limit of 32-bit applications. The 64-bit version is also fully optimized for Intel multi-cores processors, offering the best performances for 3D renderings.

OsiriX supports a complete plug-ins architecture that allows you to expand the capabilities of OsiriX for your personal needs! This plug-in architecture gives you access to the powerfull Cocoa framework with an easy object-oriented and dynamic language: Objective-C.

Current features

DICOM File Support
Read and display all DICOM Files (mono-frame, multi-frames)
Read and display the new MRI/CT multi-frame format (5200 group)
JPEG Lossy, JPEG Lossless, JPEG-LS, JPEG 2000, RLE
Monochrome1, Monochrome2, RGB, YBR, Planar, Palettes, ...
Support custom (non-square) Pixel Aspect Ratio
8, 12, 16, 32 bits
Write 'SC' (Secondary Capture) DICOM Files from any 2D/3D reconstructions
Read and display all DICOM Meta-Data
Read AND Write DICOM CD/DVD (DICOMDIR support)
Export DICOM Files to TIFF, JPEG, Quicktime, RAW, DICOM, PACS
CD/DVD Creation with DICOMDIR support, including cross-platform viewer (Weasis)
Built-in SQL compatible database with unlimited number of files

DICOM Network Support
Send studies (C-STORE SCU, DICOM Send)
Receive studies (C-STORE SCP, DICOM Listener)
Query and Retrieve studies from/to a PACS workstation (C-FIND SCU, C-MOVE SCU, WADO)
Use OsiriX as a DICOM PACS server (C-FIND SCP, C-MOVE SCP, WADO)
On-the-fly conversion between all DICOM transfer syntaxes
C-GET SCU/SCP and WADO support for dynamic IP transfers
DICOM Printing support
Seamless integration with OsiriX HD for iPhone/iPad
Seamless integration with any PACS server, including the open-source dcm4chee server

Non-DICOM Files Support
LSM files from Zeiss (8, 16, 32 bits) (Confocal Microscopy)
BioRadPIC files (8, 16, 32 bits) (Confocal Microscopy)
TIFF (8, 12, 16, 32 bits), multi-pages
ANALYZE (8, 12, 16, 32 bits)
PNG, JPEG, PDF (multi-pages), Quicktime, AVI, MPEG, MPEG4

2D Viewer
Intuitive GUI
Customizable Toolbars
Bicubic Interpolation with full 32-bit pixel pipeline
Thick Slab for multi-slices CT and MRI (Mean, MIP, Volume Rendering)
ROIs: Polygons, Circles, Pencil, Rectangles, Point, ... with undo/redo support
Key Images
Multi-Buttons and Scroll-wheel mouses supported, including Magic Trackpad support.
Custom CLUT (Color Look-Up Tables)
Custom 3x3 and 5x5 Convolution Filters (Bone filters, ...)
4D Viewer for Cardiac-CT and other temporal series
Image Fusion for PET-CT & SPECT-CT exams with adjustable blending percentage
Image subtraction for XA
Hanging Protocols
Tiles export
2D Image Registration & Reslicing
Image stiching
Plugins support for external functions

3D Post-Processing
MPR (Multiplanar Reconstruction) with Thick Slab (Mean, MIP, Volume Rendering)
3D Curved-MPR
with Thick Slab
3D MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection)
3D Volume Rendering
3D Surface Rendering
3D Image Registration
Stereo Vision with Red/Blue glasses
Export any 3D images to Quicktime, TIFF, JPEG
All 3D viewers support 'Image Fusion' for PET-CT exams and '4D mode' for Cardiac-CT.

Multi-threaded for multi-processors and multi-core processors support
Asyncronous reading
OpenGL for 2D Viewer and all 3D Viewers
Graphic board accelerated, with 3D texture mapping support
Available in 32-bit and 64-bit

Expansion & Scientific Research
OsiriX supports a complete dynamic plugins architecture
Access pixels directly in 32-bits float for B&W images or ARGB values for color images
Create and manage windows
Access the entire Cocoa framework
Create and manage OpenGL views
Faster than IDL, Easier than ImageJ !

Based on robust Open-Source components
Cocoa (OpenStep, GNUStep, NextStep)
VTK (Visualization Toolkit)
ITK (Insight Toolkit)
PixelMed (David Clunie)
Papyrus 3.0

Complete DICOM Conformance statement for OsiriX is available here:
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