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Plivo Java Helper Library


The Plivo Java helper simplifies the process of making REST calls and generating RESTXML.

See Plivo Documentation for more information.


Download Maven3

Install Maven3

Just put maven bin path on your system path.

Generating a release"

To generate the final release (.jar to include on your application [if you're not using maven on your main app]), type:

mvn install -Dmaven.test.skip=true

Note: The parameter -Dmaven.test.skip=true will skip all test and generate the release.

Use the Library in your Java IDE

Create Stubs for Eclipse:
mvn eclipse:eclipse
Create stubs for idea
mvn idea:idea

How to use

You can read the code inside src/test/java folder. We've implemented there all methods that are currently available on PLIVO.

The tests are by default DISABLED, that's because maven run all tests before generating a release. If any of the tests fails, the release fails too, so if you want to run the test make sure you set @Test(enabled=true).

Creating the plivo client bridge for java
PlivoClient client = PlivoClient.create("accountId",
"accountToken", "url", debug);

// there's another constructor if you want to override the PLIVO API version

Edit the file src/test/resources/ before executing the tests

Fill up the follow keys:





After that, you can run the tests.

Every test run its own server with listeners to receive callback from plivo.

Requesting a new CALL to PLIVO

Map<String, String> parameters =
new HashMap<String, String>();

parameters.put("From", "1001");

parameters.put("To", "1002");

parameters.put("Gateways", "user/");

parameters.put("GatewayCodecs", "PCMA,PCMU");

parameters.put("GatewayTimeouts", "60");

parameters.put("GatewayRetries", "1");

parameters.put("OriginateDialString", "originate_dial_string");

parameters.put("AnswerUrl", "http://localhost:5151/answered");

parameters.put("HangUpUrl", "http://localhost:5151/hangup");

parameters.put("RingUrl", "http://localhost:5151/ringing");

CallResponse result =;

Call response will contain RequestUUID of the call. Note that the AnswerUrl, HangUpUrl and RingUrl has to be a VALID URL. Your application must be listening on these URLs and respond properly.

This helper already contains a simple web server implemented by Grizzly (for test purpose only). Its important to say that the Grizzly API will not be bundle on the final JAR, it's just for test.

Example of a simple implementation of the hang up callback method:

ServiceHandler hangupHandler = new ServiceHandler("/hangup/*",

new HttpHandler() {

@Override public void service(Request req, Response resp) throws Exception {

System.out.println("got hangup!");

HangupCallback callback = HangupCallback.create(PlivoTestUtils.mapToSingleValue(req.getParameterMap()));







This piece of code will be executed when HANGUP event is received from PLIVO.

Other features on PLIVO

As said before, every test case is implemented to use all of the PLIVO features. Just read the code or contact us whether you have any doubts.


The Plivo Java Helper Library is distributed under the MPL 1.1 License