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npm i valtio makes proxy-state simple

Wrap your state object

Valtio turns the object you pass it into a self-aware proxy.

import { proxy, useProxy } from 'valtio'

const state = proxy({ count: 0, text: 'hello' })

Mutate from anywhere

You can make changes to it in the same way you would to a normal js-object.

setInterval(() => {
}, 1000)

React via useProxy

Create a local snapshot that catches changes. Rule of thumb: read from snapshots, mutate the source. The component will only re-render when the parts of the state you access have changed, it is render-optimized.

function Counter() {
  const snapshot = useProxy(state)
  return (
      <button onClick={() => ++state.count}>+1</button>

Subscribe from anywhere

You can access state outside of your components and subscribe to changes.

import { subscribe } from 'valtio'

// Suscribe to all state changes
const unsubscribe = subscribe(state, () => console.log('state has changed to', state))
// Unsubscribe by calling the result

You can also subscribe to a portion of state.

const state = proxy({ obj: { foo: 'bar' }, arr: ['hello'] })

subscribe(state.obj, () => console.log('state.obj has changed to', state.obj)) = 'baz'

subscribe(state.arr, () => console.log('state.arr has changed to', state.arr))

To subscribe to a primitive value of state, consider subscribeKey in utils.

Suspend your components

Valtio supports React-suspense and will throw promises that you access within a components render function. This eliminates all the async back-and-forth, you can access your data directly while the parent is responsible for fallback state and error handling.

const state = proxy({ post: fetch(url).then((res) => res.json()) })

function Post() {
  const snapshot = useProxy(state)
  return <div>{}</div>

function App() {
  return (
    <Suspense fallback={<span>waiting...</span>}>
      <Post />

Avoid state properties to be wrapped with proxies

See for more information.

import { proxy, ref } from 'valtio'

const state = proxy({
  count: 0,
  dom: ref(document.body),

Update transiently

You can subscribe a component to state without causing render, just stick the subscribe function into useEffect.

function Foo() {
  const ref = useRef(state.obj)
  useEffect(() => subscribe(state.obj, () => ref.current = state.obj), [state.obj])
  // ...

Update synchronously

By default, state mutations are batched before triggering re-render. Sometimes, we want to disable the batching.

function TextBox() {
  const snapshot = useProxy(state, { sync: true })
  return <input value={snapshot.text} onChange={(e) => (state.text =} />

Dev tools

You can use Redux DevTools Extension for plain objects and arrays.

import { devtools } from 'valtio/utils'

const state = proxy({ count: 0, text: 'hello' })
const unsub = devtools(state, 'state name')

Use it vanilla

Valtio is not tied to React, you can use it in vanilla-js.

import { proxy, subscribe, snapshot } from 'valtio/vanilla'

const state = proxy({ count: 0, text: 'hello' })

subscribe(state, () => {
  console.log('state is mutated')
  const obj = snapshot(state) // A snapshot is an immutable object

Use it locally in components

You can use it locally in components. Notes

import { useLocalProxy } from 'valtio/utils'

function Foo() {
  const [snapshot, state] = useLocalProxy({ count: 0, text: 'hello' })