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  1. ✌️ A spring physics based React animation library

    TypeScript 24.2k 1k

  2. 🇨🇭 A React renderer for Three.js

    TypeScript 19.8k 1.1k

  3. use-gesture Public

    👇Bread n butter utility for component-tied mouse/touch gestures in React and Vanilla Javascript.

    TypeScript 7k 267

  4. zustand Public

    🐻 Bear necessities for state management in React

    TypeScript 22.4k 668

  5. use-cannon Public

    👋💣 physics based hooks for @react-three/fiber

    TypeScript 2.3k 127

  6. gltfjsx Public

    🎮 Turns GLTFs into JSX components

    JavaScript 2.4k 137