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clang hooks to integrate with pre-commit
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pre-commit hooks

This is a pre-commit hooks repo that integrates C/C++ linters clang-format, clang-tidy, and oclint.

Example Usage

With int main() { int i; return 10; } in a file, all three linters should fail on commit:

The above uses this .pre-commit-config.yaml:

fail_fast: false
  - repo:
    sha: master
      - id: clang-format
        args: [--style=Google]
      - id: clang-tidy
        args: [-checks=*, -warnings-as-errors=*]
      - id: oclint
        args: [-enable-clang-static-analyzer, -enable-global-analysis]

Note that for your config yaml, you can supply your own args or remove the args line entirely, depending on your use case.

Using the Hooks


You will need to install these utilities in order to use them. Your package manager may already have them.

  • brew install llvm oclint
  • apt install clang-format clang-tidy oclint

Bash is required to use these hooks as all 3 invoking scripts are written in it.

Hook Info

What it does Fix Inplace
clang-format Formats C/C++ code according to a style -i
clang-tidy clang-based C/C++ linter -fix, --fix-errors [1]
oclint static code analysis tool for C, C++ and Objective-C code N/A

[1]: -fix will fail if there are compiler errors. -fix-errors will -fix and fix compiler errors if it can, like missing semicolons.

Enforcing linter version with --version=

Some linters change behavior between versions. To enforce a linter version 8.0.0, for example, add --version=8.0.0 to args: for that linter. Note that this is a pre-commit hook arg and passing it to the linter will cause an error.

Compilation Database

clang-tidy and oclint both expect a compilation database. Both of the hooks for them will ignore the error for not having one.

You can generate with one cmake -DCMAKE_EXPORT_COMPILE_COMMANDS=ON ... if you have a cmake-based project.

The -- option

Options after -- like -std=c++11 will be interpreted correctly for clang-tidy and oclint. Make sure they sequentially follow the -- argument in the hook's args list.


To run the tests and verify clang-format, clang-tidy, and oclint are working as expected on your system, use pytest tests/ --runslow.

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