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This is a python script to draw superquadrics. It uses Traits to create a GUI that the user can use to interactively change the parameters of the superquadric
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Superquadrics in Python
In mathematics, the superquadrics or super-quadrics (also superquadratics) 
are a family of geometric shapes defined by formulas that resemble those of
elipsoids and other quadrics, except that the squaring operations are 
replaced by arbitrary powers. They can be seen as the three-dimensional 
relatives of the Lamé curves ("superellipses") (from Wikipedia)

You must have the Traits packages to run this code, as well as VTK . 
These are available as packages in most modern OS's. 
The easiest way to get all these pacakges is to install EPD (
Enthought Python Distribution) which is free for non-commercial

To run the script simply issue:
python <>

from the terminal. If your hardware is old, you might try changing
alpha and beta in line 34 and 35 so that you plot lesser no. of points.
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