Utility for converting between WGS84 lat/lng and MGRS coordinates
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Utility for converting between WGS84 lat/lng and MGRS coordinates, spunoff from proj4js

has 3 methods

  • forward, takes an array of [lon,lat] and optional accuracy and returns an mgrs string
  • inverse, takes an mgrs string and returns a bbox.
  • toPoint, takes an mgrs string, returns an array of '[lon,lat]'

install dev dependencies with

npm install

test with

npm test

test coverage with

npm test --coverage

build with

npm run build

Licensed under the MIT license except:

Portions of this software are based on a port of components from the OpenMap com.bbn.openmap.proj.coords Java package. An initial port was initially created by Patrice G. Cappelaere and included in Community Mapbuilder (http://svn.codehaus.org/mapbuilder/), which is licensed under the LGPL license as per http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lesser.html. OpenMap is licensed under the following license agreement: