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Version 3.0.0-beta-2


  • Introduced a new language implementation: JavaScript.
  • Added a new field option "json_name". By default proto field names are
    converted to "lowerCamelCase" in proto3 JSON format. This option can be
    used to override this behavior and specify a different JSON name for the
  • Added conformance tests to ensure implementations are following proto3 JSON

C++ (Beta)

  • Various bug fixes and improvements to the JSON support utility:
    • Duplicate map keys in JSON are now rejected (i.e., translation will
    • Fixed wire-format for google.protobuf.Value/ListValue.
    • Fixed precision loss when converting google.protobuf.Timestamp.
    • Fixed a bug when parsing invalid UTF-8 code points.
    • Fixed a memory leak.
    • Reduced call stack usage.

Java (Beta)

  • Cleaned up some unused methods on CodedOutputStream.
  • Presized lists for packed fields during parsing in the lite runtime to
    reduce allocations and improve performance.
  • Improved the performance of unknown fields in the lite runtime.
  • Introduced UnsafeByteStrings to support zero-copy ByteString creation.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements to the JSON support utility:
    • Fixed a thread-safety bug.
    • Added a new option “preservingProtoFieldNames” to JsonFormat.
    • Added a new option “includingDefaultValueFields” to JsonFormat.
    • Updated the JSON utility to comply with proto3 JSON specification.

Python (Beta)

  • Added proto3 JSON format utility. It includes support for all field types
    and a few well-known types except for Any and Struct.
  • Added runtime support for Any, Timestamp, Duration and FieldMask.
  • "[ ]" is now accepted for repeated scalar fields in text format parser.

Objective-C (Beta)

  • Various bug-fixes and code tweaks to pass more strict compiler warnings.
  • Now has conformance test coverage and is passing all tests.

C# (Beta)

  • Various bug-fixes.
  • Code generation: Files generated in directories based on namespace.
  • Code generation: Include comments from .proto files in XML doc
    comments (naively)
  • Code generation: Change organization/naming of "reflection class" (access
    to file descriptor)
  • Code generation and library: Add Parser property to MessageDescriptor,
    and introduce a non-generic parser type.
  • Library: Added TypeRegistry to support JSON parsing/formatting of Any.
  • Library: Added Any.Pack/Unpack support.
  • Library: Implemented JSON parsing.

Javascript (Alpha)

  • Added proto3 support for JavaScript. The runtime is written in pure
    JavaScript and works in browsers and in Node.js. To generate JavaScript
    code for your proto, invoke protoc with "--js_out". See js/
    for more build instructions.