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Releases: punesemu/puNES


25 Feb 14:45
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  • Rewritten mappers : All.
  • Rewritten WRAM, VRAM, PRGROM, CHROM and Nametebles management.
  • Rewritten FDS support.
    • Furthermore, an option has been added to select the mode for write operations. Until now, all writes were stored on an external file (diff file) to preserve the integrity of the disk image, now it's possible to choose to write them directly to the FDS/QD file (making it portable to other emulators as well).
    • Changed the format of the diff file, now I use the IPS format (which can always be applied to the original image).
  • Rewritten the format and management of save states.
    WARNING save states of version 0.110 or earlier are no longer compatible.
  • Rewritten the audio of the VRC7.
    Implemented the project "A YM2413 emulator written in C" of okaxaki :
  • Rewritten NSF player.
    Added support to NSF2 format.
  • Added the ability to configure shortcuts and the NES pad from the command line.
  • Added support to Quick Disk format.
  • Added an option for RAM initialization (#276).
    It's possible to choose between three values:
    • 0x00
    • 0xFF (default)
    • Randomize
  • Added a screen icon that shows when fast forward is active.
  • Added the possibility to set default values for PPU overclocking to be applied for all roms in addition to the per-game ones already used.
  • Added Arabic translation (thx to Chipsum).
  • Added Polish translation (thx to elektronicznypank).
  • Added full support for the NES 2.0 header format.
  • Added video filter : "NTSC CRT LMP88959" and "NTSC NES LMP88959" (, Thx to LMP88959 for is great work).
  • Added video filter : "PAL CRT LMP88959" and "PAL NES LMP88959" (, Thx to LMP88959 for is great work).
  • Added support to mapper : 100, 122, 157, 170, 272, 291, 311, 334, 354, 362, 366, 384, 421, 446, 471, 517, 551, 552, 555, 561.
  • Added support to UNIF mapper : Transformer, UNROM, AMROM, AOROM, LH09, A60AS, T4A54A, FC-28-5027, 150in1A, 212-HONG-KONG, GKCXIN, 113in1JY110, 820561C, M2C52A, S-2009.
  • Added full support for the Detach Barcode Reader of mapper 157.
  • Added support for FFmpeg 6.x libraries.
  • Added support for nes20db.xml and dip.cfg (many thx to NewRisingSun for his immense work).
    Both files will be distributed together with the emulator and will be located in the following directories:
    • Linux/BSD - {default system datadir}/puNES
    • Windows - directory where the executable is placed.
      if you want to use a more updated version than the one distributed with the emulator, just copy it either in the executable directory or in the working directory of the emulator, which can also be opened from the "File -> Open working directory" menu.
  • Added full support for Vs System (UniSystem and DualSystem).
  • Added a screen icon that shows when Fast Forwarding is active.
  • In Fullscreen the menu bar can be accessed by moving the mouse over the top of the screen.
  • Updated Italian, Chinese, French, Hungarian, Portuguese and Russian translation (thx to Alex Timonin, FlameMan, stgapr29, tch_oscomp, Matheus Scattolin Anselmo, owomomo, shinyoyo, githubsilver and Benjamin Siskoo).
  • Changed the "Toggle menu bar" shortcut to ESC.
  • Windows x86_64: Update to Qt5 5.15.8 (#279).
  • Fixed the management of keyboard input (#317).
  • Fixed map of one keyboard button to multiple controllers (#277).
  • Fixed FDS wavetable pitch (#295).
  • Fixed patching of IPS files.
  • Fixed crackling sound when audio is enabled/disabled.
  • Fixed Meta button recognition on some keyboard layouts.
  • Fixed many many many other bugs.


04 Jan 21:15
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  • Added support to Wayland.
  • Added support for "Fullscreen in window" with Wayland (the only type of fullscreen supported for now).
  • Added iNES/NES 2.0 header editor.
  • Added support for "Family Basic Keyboard" and "Subor Keyboard".
    • It's possible to capture and release keyboard input with the shortcut "Scrollock" and open and
      close a virtual keyboard with "CTRL+X".
    • Implemented the "Paste" function. It's possible to paste the text by dragging it in the main
      window of the emulator or copying it and then press the right mouse button and selecting "Paste".
      The text will be inserted through the simulation of the pressure of the keys and it will always
      be possible to interrupt the insertion by pressing the ESC key. During the paste, the Fast Forwarding
      will be active to reduce the waiting time.
    • Added support for the tape data recorder. Added a "Tape" submenu in the "NES" menu, also the same
      menu is present in the context menu of the main window (right click) when the Keyboard is in use.
      By default I use my own format for tape images but you can also save and load tape images
      in Virtuanes and Nestopia format.
  • Added a shortcut "M" to simulate a shout in the microphone of the second controller.
  • Renamed "Fast Forward" shortcut to "Toggle Fast Forward" and added a new "Fast Forward (hold button)" shortcut.
  • Added a Wizard to select the operating mode (portable mode or not) the first time the emulator is run.
    (Info for those who already used the emulator) To run in portable mode there are 3 distinct ways:
    • If the executable is in a folder containing the puNES.cfg file.
    • Rename the executable by adding the suffix _p.
      (Examples: punes.exe -> punes_p.exe or punes64.exe -> punes64_p.exe)
    • Run the emulator with the "--portable" option.
  • Support for XDG Base Directory Specification.
    On UNIX-Like operating systems the configuration files will be found in "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/puNES" and the rest
    in "$XDG_DATA_HOME/puNES". Also under Windows the location of the working directory has changed and will now
    be located in "C:\Users<USER>\AppData\Local\puNES". Regarding the portable mode nothing has changed, everything
    will be placed in the directory containing the executable. When the emulator is started, the old directories
    will be automatically moved to the new location. In order to open the configuration directory easily, it's always
    possible to do so via the menu items "File->Open working directory" [Windows and UNIX-Like] or
    "File->Open config directory" [UNIX-Like].
  • Added a cmake option to disable portable mode handling (useful in sandbox environments like Flatpak).
  • Added French translation (thx to Benjamin Siskoo).
  • Added German translation (thx to JacobDev).
  • Updated Chinese Simplified, Hungarian, Italian, Portuguese and Russian translation (thx to owomomo, shinyoyo,
    TCH, Matheus Scattolin Anselmo and Alexey Timonin).
    It was not possible to update the Spanish and Turkish one because I lost contact with MS-PC and Ömercan Kömür.
  • Updated internal shaders.
  • Improved FDS sound emulation.
  • Fixed autoswitch timing for FDS.
  • Fixed decimal mode support.
  • Rewritten mapper : 30, 45, 49, 52, 57, 62, 74, 91, 108, 114, 116, 132, 134, 136, 147, 150, 162, 163, 164, 172,
    173, 176, 185, 191, 192, 194, 195, 197, 217, 221, 227, 242, 243
  • Added support to mapper : 6, 8, 17, 14, 29, 55, 59, 63, 81, 101, 103, 104, 106, 111, 125, 126, 179, 198, 207,
    218, 224, 236, 237, 238, 248, 255, 256, 258, 259, 260, 261, 262, 263, 264, 265, 266, 267, 268, 269, 271, 274,
    281, 282, 283, 284, 285, 286, 287, 288, 289, 290, 292, 295, 297, 298, 299, 300, 301, 302, 303, 304, 305, 306,
    307, 308, 309, 312, 313, 314, 315, 319, 320, 322, 323, 324, 325, 327, 328, 329, 331, 332, 333, 335, 336, 337,
    338, 339, 340, 341, 342, 343, 344, 345, 346, 347, 348, 349, 350, 351, 352, 353, 355, 356, 357, 358, 359, 360,
    361, 368, 369, 370, 372, 374, 375, 377, 380, 381, 382, 386, 387, 388, 389, 390, 393, 394, 395, 396, 397, 398,
    399, 400, 401, 403, 404, 406, 409, 410, 411, 412, 413, 414, 415, 416, 417, 420, 422, 428, 429, 431, 432, 433,
    434, 436, 437, 438, 442, 447, 451, 452, 455, 456, 457, 512, 513, 516, 518, 519, 521, 522, 524, 525, 526, 527,
    528, 529, 530, 532, 534, 536, 537, 538, 539, 540, 541, 543, 547, 550, 554, 556, 557, 558, 559, 560
  • Added support to UNIF mapper : 10-24-C-A1, 11160, 12-IN-1, 158B, 190in1, 22026, 3D-BLOCK, 411120C, 603-5052,
    60311C, 64in1NOrRepeat, 70in1, 70in1B, 8-IN-1, 80013-B, 810544-C-A1, 8157, 82112C, 830118C, 830134C,
    830425C-4391T, 831128C, 891227, 900218, A65AS, AX-40G, AX5705, BJ-56, BS-400R, BS-4040R, BS-5, CHINA_ER_SAN2,
    COOLBOY, Coolgirl, CTC-09, CTC-12IN1, DANCE, DANCE2000, DRAGONFIGHTER, DRIPGAME, EDU2000, EH8113A, F-15,
    FARID_SLROM_8-IN-1, FARID_UNROM_8-IN-1, G-146, GN-26, HP2018-A, HP898F, HPXX, JC-016-2, K-3006, K-3010, K-3033,
    K-3036, K-3046, K-3071, K-3088, KONAMI-QTAI, KOF97, KS106C, KS3070, KS7012, KS7013B, KS7016, KS7017, KS7021A,
    KS7031, KS7037, KS7057, N625090, L6IN1, LH10, LH32, LH51, MALISB, MARIO1-MALEE2, MINDKIDS, N49C-300,
    NEWSTAR-GRM070-8IN1, NTD-03, OneBus, RESET-TXROM, RESETNROM-XIN1, RT-01, SA005-A, SA-9602B, SB-5013, SHERO,
    SL1632, STREETFIGTER-GAME4IN1, T-262, T3H53, T4A54A, TH2131-1, TF1201, TJ-03, WAIXING-FS005, WAIXING-FW01, WS,
  • Fixed mapper : 1, 11, 30, 45, 57, 90, 111, 142, 171, 176, 192, 195, 209, 211, 212, 215, 226, 235
  • Fixed UNIF mapper : CITYFIGHT, FS-304
  • Added video filters: 2xSaI, Dot Matrix, PAL TV1x, PAL TV2x, PAL TV3x, PAL TV4x, Super 2xSaI, Super Eagle,
    TV2x, TV3x, TV4x.
  • Added video filters: NTSC Bisqwit 2X, NTSC Bisqwit 4X, NTSC Bisqwit 8X (
    Notice : This filter uses its own color palette.
  • Migrated the project from autotools to cmake.
  • Added AppStream manifest.
  • Fixed high dpi support.
  • Added a dialog to view log messages.
  • Redesigned the Standard Controller configuration dialog.
  • Added support for FFmpeg 5.1 libraries.
  • Fixed many many many other bugs.


12 Feb 18:15
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  • Fixed 'make install'.
  • Added support for mapper 210 and improved support for Nes 2.0 format.
  • Disabled creation of mimeinfo.cache with 'make install' (#191).
  • With some DE if I don't reset the min and max size of the window with reset_min_max_size()
    the fullscreen is wrecked (#186).
  • Improved high dpi support.
    • Rewrote part of the overlay.
    • Uniform font used in the overlay.
    • Uniform graphics management between OpenGL and D3D9.
  • Fixed the shaders "NTSC 2Phase Composite" and "Old TV" in D3D9 version (#188).
  • Sometimes the mouse cursor may not be visible. Fixed.
  • Entering or leaving the fullscreen could cause the window to lose focus. Fixed.


28 Dec 13:47
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  • Updated translation from Crowdin (thx to Алексей Тимонин, MS-PC, tch_oscomp, Ömercan Kömür, Matheus).
  • Added Chinese translation (thx to owomomo).
  • Added an option to show frames and lags counters.
  • Rewritten the audio of the VRC7.
    Implemented the project "Cycle-accurate emulation of Yamaha OPLL" of Nuke.YKT :
  • Updated the icon and the banner of the info page.
  • Increased compatibility with OpenGL shaders.
    Fixed many bugs and crashes that prevented some OpenGL shaders
    ( from loading and functioning correctly.
  • Implemented the ability to select the resolution of the fulscreen.
  • Added the option to automatically set the refresh rate based on the
    region of the rom used (50/100Hz for PAL/Dendy roms, 60/120Hz for NTSC)
    if the monitor supports them. The rewriting of the fullscreen management
    allowed to correct some bugs present for a long time (for example under
    Linux/BSD the fullscreen window did not always identify the real screen
    size available because it did not take into account the various task
    bars and menu bars).
  • Fixed initial positioning of the emulator window.
    If, in a multi-monitor environment, the window is positioned on a
    display that is no longer connected upon restart, the position may no
    longer be valid and the emulator window may not be visible.
  • Implemented the ability to view the menu bar in fullscreen mode
    through a configurable shortcut (default is ALT+M).
  • Implemented the double click management on the menu bar:
    • left button hides toolbar and statusbar
    • right button hides the whole gui (as when using the shortcut ALT+G "Toggle GUI in window").
  • Now it's possible to use the ESC as a shortcut.
  • The code is now QT6 compatible.
  • Added the ability to customize NTSC filters in video settings.
  • Fixed the aspect ratio of the NTSC filters in fullscreen mode.
  • Updated to FFmpeg 4.4.
  • Fixed video recording in HENC format at high quality.
  • Added support for the Opus audio format in audio recording.
  • Added an option to change CPU/PPU alignment at power-up/hard reset.
  • Added this 3 options for the Famicom Disk System
    • "Insert disk 1 side A at power-up/reset"
    • "Switch the disk/side automatically"
    • "Use fast forward when loading the BIOS or disk/side"
      in the "Settings->General". They are activated by default and do what is written in the description.
  • Now, by default, only one instance of the emulator is allowed to run.
    To allow the execution of more instances it is necessary to enable the
    new option in "Settings->General".
  • Added the management of the double click when selecting a rom from a compressed archive.
    I honestly don't know why I haven't already implemented it.
  • Fixed inversion of controller mode NES/Four Score.
  • Added the cmd line option "--hidden-gui" to start the emulator with
    hidden GUI (useful for frontends) and that it's also possible to do with
    the shortcut ALT+G.
  • Rewritten overlay and widget for save slot selection and increased the number of slots to 12.
  • Added an option to re-enable the sprite limit when a game needs it (
  • Added support for subtitles of TAS videos. They will appear in the info bar with center alignment.
  • Rewritten the cheat editor to make it easier and more manageable.
  • Added sample rates of 96000 and 192000 and improved the selection of the
    sample rate of audio codecs that don't provide information about those supported.
  • Rewritten the input management through gamepads and joysticks.
    • Added multithreading management.
    • In the Linux version added the dependency to libudev.
    • Increased the emulation speed by 7-10%.
    • Eliminated (especially in the windows version) blocks and slowdowns
      of the emulation in the case of gamepads configured but not connected to
      the start of the emulator.
    • Uniformed the management of inputs on all the various ports.
    • Separeted joystick/gamepads configuration from the port configuration,
      now each gamepads will have its own configuration.
    • Added an option to set the deadzone
    • Added a new tool: "Joypad/Gamepad Debug". With this you can see the info
      on the connected devices, it is also possible to disable the reading of
      certain axes and buttons from the gamepad status reading routine. In addition
      to debugging reasons, it is an option to be able to use gamepads that send
      incorrect values on some axis or button while still allowing their use.
    • Added automatic recognition of the type of gamepad with relative
      configuration. Supported for now Steam Controller (only under Linux),
      Xbox 360 Controller and Playstation 3 (thx to Gianmarco Trentadue for for the donation) and 4
      controllers which are the ones I had at my disposal. It should also work with Xbox One controllers but
      I couldn't check it as I didn't have any.
    • NOTICE : All buttons bindings will need to be reconfigured.
  • Fixed many many many other bugs.


28 Dec 19:38
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  • Updated translation from Crowdin (thx to Алексей Тимонин, MS-PC, tch_oscomp, Ömercan Kömür, Matheus).

  • Redesigned settings GUI.

  • Added an option to flip the screen horizontally (even when rotated).

  • Added an option to make the input (keyboard and controller) "follow" the orientation of the screen.
    Try to replay your favorite games in this mode, you will find it fun. (Thx to eugene-s-nesdev for the idea).

  • Added "AxelayNES" Demo to the database.

  • Added spanish traslation of Ganbare Goemon Gaiden 2 to the database.

  • Added an option to reverse bits of DPCM (also in the NSF player).
    To understand what "reverse" is for, take a look at this post

  • Added the preview of the last screen image of the saved states.
    Now it is always possible view the screen of the saved states when you move the mouse between the various
    Slots in the "State" menu (slots with the available preview will be marked with a "*"). It's also available in the
    combobox of the toolbar widget.The preview will be displayed as a tooltip.

  • Added, thanks to the FFMPEG libraries, the ability to create video and audio files of the game session.

    The supported video formats are:

    • MPEG 1 Video
    • MPEG 2 Video
    • MPEG 4 Video
    • MPEG H264 Video
    • High Efficiency Video Codec
    • WebM Video
    • Windows Media Video
    • AVI FF Video
    • AVI Video

    The supported audio formats are:

    • WAV Audio
    • MP3 Audio
    • AAC Audio
    • Flac Audio
    • Ogg Audio

    The parameters relating to the recording are available in the configuration GUI.
    It's possible to start a recording through the keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+A for audio and CTRL+V for video)
    also from the widget located at the bottom right of the statusbar. Clicking on it with the left mouse button will
    start the last type of registration, with the right button a context menu where you can select what to start.
    Once the recording has started, you can stop it either with the same shortcuts with which it was started or by
    clicking on the statusbar widget.
    The emulator will always remember the last used settings.

  • Added "Raw" palette. To understand what this palette is, I use the explanation found on
    Emulation General Wiki :
    "option to output the raw chroma, level, and emphasis from the PPU through the RGB color channels.
    This by itself produces an image with completely bizarre colors, but this can be decoded by shaders
    to generate actual colors, the main examples being GTU-Famicom and nes-color-decoder".
    So it's usable with all shaders that support it:
    cgwg-famicom-geom.glsl, gtu-famicom.glsl or ntsc-nes.glsl that you find in the
    libretro glsl-shaders repository
    P.s. this works with OpenGL version.

  • Fixed compatibility with GLSL shaders (like MMJ_Cel_Shader.glslp or all crt-royale.glslp series).
    You can find this shader at glsl-shaders and

  • Fixed VRC7 sound pitch.

  • Fixed saving of window position in a multi-monitor setup (thx to baraclese for the patch).

  • Fixed the restoration of the hidden state of the toolbar widgets.

  • NSF/NSFe player. Added a new effect and revised the "bars" effect. It's now possible to move between the
    various effects using the up and down of the pad or by clicking on the right or left side of the effect viewer.
    Changed the help text explaining the pad commands.

  • Redesigned the command line help display.

  • On a computer where the amulator had never been started, at the first run it was started in the top left but
    hiding the window frame preventing it from moving or closing. Fixed.

  • Now the settings window is resizable.

  • Fixed several bugs in the Cheat Editor and in the Input Settings.

    Cheat Editor:

    • Fixed a possible crash that occurs when entering a new cheat.
    • Fixed several table display errors.
    • Active cheats are now easily identifiable thanks to a different color.
    • Fixed a bug that did not activate the selected cheat correctly.
    • Cheat description tooltip.

    Input settings:

    • Minor cosmetic changes.
  • Fixed many many many other bugs.


28 Jul 12:19
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  • Added support for FreeBSD (thx to TCH68k for for the initial patch, his tests and his support).
  • Overlay screen redesigned and rewritten.
  • Added an option to rotate the screen.
  • Added Nuke.YKT VRC7 patch dump.
  • Added Brasilian translation (thx to Matheus on Crowdin).
  • Updated translation from Crowdin (thx to Алексей Тимонин, MS-PC, tch_oscomp, Ömercan Kömür).
  • Input management reorganized.
  • Added homebrew "Neon Genesis Evangelion: Third Impact" and "Fire Hawk (PAL)[!].nes" to the database.
  • Added traslation of Ganbare Goemon Gaiden 2 to the database.
  • Added a shortcut to save a screenshot of unaltered NES screen (#90).
  • Now you can also disable keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fixed warning compilation with QT 5.15.
  • Fixed compilation errors with the GCC -fno-common option (GCC 10).
  • Fixed compilation with recent MSYS2.
  • Fixed possible audio interruption (Windows).
  • Fixed the support for the RAR archive.
  • Fixed a possible crash when drag the window onto another monitor (Windows).
  • Fixed many many many other bugs.


30 Jul 10:49
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  • Added Spanish translation (thx to MS-PC on Crowdin).
  • Added Hungarian translation (thx to tch_oscomp on Crowdin).
  • Added Turkish translation (thx to Ömercan Kömür on Crowdin).
  • Added "Toggle GUI" option to toggle on/off the Menu+Status bars (many thx Sembiance for the contribution).
  • Added the option "Use integer scale in fullscreen" which toggle the vertical stretch in the fullscreen.
  • Added in database "Airwolf" roms and 2 hacked roms of "Kid Dracula" (mlla1i.nes and ikt73k.nes).
  • Added keyboard/controller shortcuts for the rewind functions :
    I introduced the shortcut to activate and deactivate the "rewind mode" and the shortcuts for play,
    pause, step backward, step forward, fast backward and fast forward, all programmable.
    For the keyboard the defaults are :
    CTRL+Left : Active/Deactive Rewind Mode
    Left : Single step backward
    Right : Single step forward
    Down : Switch velocity for fast backward
    Up : Switch velocity dor fast forward
    Del : Play
    Page Down : Pause
  • Changed the management of the text on the screen which is now clearly legible at any resolution.
  • Possible infringing on the patent, replaced controller image (thx RokkumanX).
  • Fixed the freeze when start the emulator with fullscreen already enabled.
  • Fixed some glitches with some compositors (Compton for examples).
  • Fixed management of audio devices in alsa backend.
  • Fixed segfault when load a savestates with rewind functions disabled.
  • Fixed loading of the rom with header containing "DiskDude!".
  • Fixed text surface cleaning.
  • Fixed saving and loading of cheats.
  • Fixed audio pops when NSF/NSFE song start and improved audio/video sync.
  • Fixed possible crash in OpenBSD version.
  • Fixed keyboard shortcuts management.
  • Fixed compilation with QT 5.13.
  • Many others fixes.


24 Mar 19:27
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  • Fixed graphical problem with xBRZ filter.
  • Fixed mappers 50, 90, 156, 178, UNL-KOF97, UNL-VRC7, MMC3 KT-008 PCB.
  • Fixed possible issue with High DPI monitor.
  • The shortcuts were not applied and saved correctly. Fixed.
  • For the general UxROM mapper use a full 8-bit bank select register.
  • Fixed compilation with QT 5.12 under Windows.
  • Fixed the management of the zapper that now also correctly manages the X coordinates.
  • Updated the Russian translation (thx Alter0ne).
  • Fixed the disappearance of the mouse cursor after two seconds.
  • Fixed the emulator freezing if pressed "Switch Sides" hotkey.
  • Added the rewind function that replaces the timeline.
    Now it is possible to "rewind" the game. Once the rewind function has
    been activated (at any time during the game) it is possible to move
    forward and backward in the gameplay one frame at a time or at different
    speeds (1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x or 64x). You will be able to move
    freely in the recording until you press the "play" button, from that
    moment all the gameplay memorized after the selected frame will be lost.
    In the "general settings" you can select the duration in minutes of the
    recordable gameplay (the different options are: disable, 2mins, 5mins,
    15mins, 30min, 60mins or unlimited) but keep in mind that the more
    minutes you can record the more space on the hard disk will be used.


13 Jan 15:45
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  • Added support for the UNIF mapper UNIF DREAMTECH01.

  • Fixed mapper MMC5 and 213.

  • Added support for NSFe format.

  • Added OpenBSD support.

  • Added support for IPS, BPS and XDELTA patches.
    It's possible to patch the ROM through 3 ways:

    • rename the patch with the same name as the ROM and copy it to the same directory where the ROM is present (example: if "Adventures of Lolo (U) [!].nes" is the name of the ROM, rename the patch in "Adventures of Lolo (U) [!].ips")
    • drag it to the emulator window (compressed patches are supported)
    • apply it via the "Apply Patch" item in the File menu (compressed patches are supported)

    If more than one patch is present in the compressed file, it will always be possible to select which one to apply. In order to automatically apply a patch to a ROM, in addition to method 1) it is also possible to create a compressed archive that contains both the ROM and the patch. In this case the name of the ips file isn't important (example : compressed file contain "Adventures of Lolo (U) [!].nes" and "adv.ips").

  • Rewritten the UI for the settings.

  • Added the compatibility of the UI for High DPI.

  • Rewritten and uniformed GFX stack.

  • Increased performance by 20%/30%.

  • Dropped out dependencies from SDL and QT4 libraries.

  • Now it's necessary that QT5 have compiled with support for SVG (and OpenGL for OpenGL version).

  • Fixed the management of VSync (when you change this option you need to restart the emulator to apply it correctly).

  • Added the ability to change shader parameters if supported by the shader.

  • Added a palette editor.

  • Added in Video Settings an option to show FPS.

  • Eliminated a lot of unnecessary code.

  • Fixed many many bugs and increased the accuracy of emulation.


28 Nov 19:04
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  • I had forgotten in release v0.101 to add support for NSF and UNIF files in compressed archives.