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SQLint - a simple SQL linter


SQLint is a simple command-line linter which reads your SQL files and reports any syntax errors or warnings it finds.

At this stage, SQLint checks SQL against the ANSI syntax, and uses the PostgreSQL SQL parser to achieve this. In time, we hope to add support for non-standard SQL variants (e.g. MySQL). Contributions are welcome.


SQLint is currently provided as a ruby gem: you can install it using the following command:

gem install sqlint


To check the syntax of a file containing SQL, simply pass the filename to sqlint on the command line:

sqlint filename.sql

Editor plugins

Support for sqlint is provided for the following editors:


This software was written by Steve Purcell and Kieran Trezona-le Comte with the support of our awesome employer Powershop, who have other cool stuff here on Github.

License and copyright

Copyright Powershop NZ Ltd. MIT license.