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30 tutorials in Python to get you from a beginner to advanced
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Day 1 - Python Logging
Day 2 - Python Datetime objects and Timedelta
Day 3 - Datetime strftime and strptime
Day 4 - Datetime Timezone and Unix Timestamp

#Python30 with Pylenin

Course Summary

Python30 is designed to help the beginners in Python to improve their skills and take them a notch further. This course is divided into videos and question sets. Within 30 days, you will subject yourself to varities of concepts, libraries and frameworks in Python. All of the materials will help you kickstart your search for a dream job in the field of Python. The course has been curated by taking into consideration the various Python topics that companies expect their candidates to be aware of. So join the course and get started.

Python Topics covered

This course is not just about its content. its also about having the will to push yourself in the new domains that you might find challenging and being active. Every time you come across a new topic or have doubts/concerns, reach out to me @pylenin.

Here are the topics covered in this course.

  • A guide to logging in Python
  • Mastering Python Datetime
  • Regular Expressions
  • Python Error Handling
  • Building a game in Tkinter
  • Pytest
  • A concide guide to Requests

Other topics are coming soon. They are in the preparation phase.


I have put a lot of efforts into this course. In return, I request you to help spread the word about this course. Please tweet or post on your favorite social media platform with #Python30 and tag me in your posts, everytime you finish a day of coding. Challenge your friends and help everyone learn.

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