A modern and feature-rich Android client for pyLoad
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pyLoad Android Client

This is the official Android client for the pyLoad Download Manager. You need to have pyLoad running on your pc or server. In case you don't already have it, download it from http://pyload.org, its free, open-source and available for many platforms.

Please report any issues with the client here: https://github.com/pyload/pyload-android/issues

In order to use the Android client make sure the newest pyLoad Core with version 0.4.9 is running on your system, accessible over the network, the ip/hostname is correct and the port forwarded if necessary.


  • Modern UI (Android 4+ components)
  • ActionBar integration
  • Add links via Share option (e.g. Chrome/YouTube -> pyLoad)
  • Add packages, or upload container files (DLC, CCF etc.)
  • Display current downloads
  • Display queue/collector
  • Delete/Move/Restart packages
  • Abort downloads
  • Enter Captchas for downloads
  • Toggle download/reconnect
  • Edit server side settings
  • View accounts
  • Secure SSL connection to the Core

Planned enhancements

  • multiple server support


We want to provide the app in as many languages as possible. For this reason we are always looking for translators and proof-readers. If you like to help, please visit http://crowdin.net/project/pyload for more information.


The pyLoad app is open source, everybody can contribute to make it even better. The source code is located at: https://github.com/pyload/pyload-android

Special thanks go out to all people who helped improving the app: