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Free components that wrap up Python into Delphi and Lazarus (FPC)
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Python for Delphi (P4D) is a set of free components that wrap up the Python dll into Delphi and Lazarus (FPC). They let you easily execute Python scripts, create new Python modules and new Python types. You can create Python extensions as dlls and much more. P4D provides different levels of functionality:

  • Low-level access to the python API
  • High-level bi-directional interaction with Python
  • Access to Python objects using Delphi custom variants (VarPyth.pas)
  • Wrapping of Delphi objects for use in python scripts using RTTI (WrapDelphi.pas)

P4D makes it very easy to use python as a scripting language for Delphi applications. It comes with an extensive range of demos and tutorials.


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