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A pledge to migrate to Python 3.

This is the main website for a pledge to stop supporting Python 2 for free in open source software.

Run locally

Install Jekyll : gem install jekyll, gem install github-pages

Clone this locally, cd in the newly created directory.

Run jekyll serve -w in one terminal, open your browser to localhost:4000.

Modify the various files, refresh your browser and enjoy.

PRs welcomed.

Add your project

If you just want to add your project to the list of participating projects, add a line in the list of participating projects. It's markdown so feel free to just list your project name or add a link, and make a pull request. You should even be able to edit it online.

There is no need to install Jekyll: A check creating a preview will be run on your pull request. Please check this preview.

Add timeline information

The front page also has a timeline chart, with past release dates and future (planned) releases. You can also add your project there, if you have a specific date where you plan to drop Python 2 support.

See site.js around line 100 to see how to add this kind of data.

Base template

This site is based on