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Welcome to the Qni repository. Qni is a quantum computer simulator that runs in your browser.

Qni is largely inspired by Craig Gidney's Quirk, a pioneer in quantum circuit simulators. Qni inherits Quirk's features, such as live programming of quantum circuits and circuit bookmarks, and extends them based on modern web technologies such as CSS responsive design and Web Components standards. This makes it possible to enjoy quantum circuit programming on smartphones and embed "live" quantum circuits in any web page.


This repository is a monorepo containing three packages:

  • packages/common contains the source for the @qni/common package. This is a common library used by other Qni packages.
  • packages/simulator contains the source for the @qni/simulator package. This is a quantum computer simulator implementation in TypeScript. It is usually called by the browser's ServiceWorker thread and runs asynchronously.
  • packages/elements contains the source for the @qni/elements package. This is a custom web component library for rendering quantum circuits. It is used by @qni/www as well as several other projects.

And two apps:

And one example:

Getting Help & Contributing Back

Find a bug? Head over to our issue tracker and we'll do our best to help. We love pull requests, too!


Qni is MIT-licensed open-source software from TIS Inc.

© 2022 TIS Inc.