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Quarkus: Supersonic Subatomic Java.
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Quarkus - Supersonic Subatomic Java

Quarkus is a Cloud Native, Container First framework for writing Java applications.

  • Container First: Minimal footprint Java applications optimal for running in containers
  • Cloud Native: Embraces 12 factor architecture in environments like Kubernetes.
  • Unify imperative and reactive: Brings under one programming model non blocking and imperative styles of development.
  • Standards-based: Based on the standards and frameworks you love and use (RESTEasy, Hibernate, Netty, Eclipse Vert.x, Apache Camel...)
  • Microservice First: Brings lightning fast startup time and code turn around to Java apps
  • Developer Joy: Development centric experience without compromise to bring your amazing apps to life in no time

All under ONE framework.

Getting Started

How to build Quarkus

The build instructions are available in the contribution guide.

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