ActiveResource::Collection Responding to .empty? #104

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I am not sure if this is an oversight or something I am doing wrong, but when upgrading my ActiveResource with Rails 4 I've had to modify all references to .empty? from ActiveResource::Collection objects. I noticed that it does respond to .any? It would seem like we would want that method defined so the collection more closely resembles array collections.


I believe this is fixed by #101 which was merged a few weeks ago.


When do you think the GEM will be updated?


I'm not a maintainer, so I'm afraid I can't speak for that -- honestly, ActiveResource's maintenance and maintainer communication are so lackluster that we perpetually point our Gemfiles at a git branch on a fork, where we integrate patches we and others have contributed that haven't been accepted by upstream yet. 😩


Ugh. Thats over my head. :)

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I'll cut a release soon. Closing since it is already fixed. Let me know if it is not working.

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