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Bala Paranj Move Ruby 2.2.3 value after Ruby 2.1.5 4b48226
Bala Paranj Added Ruby 2.2.3 :ruby: value 38f3d9e
@jarinudom jarinudom Add description of mod_cloudflare plugin 2d1b9a5
@jarinudom jarinudom Update ruby versions to reflect current capistrano_integration.rb 1aa8122
robertjlooby remove duplicate line 251a840
@kplawver kplawver Updated Default Configuration (markdown) 4a7470a
bparanj Do not provide password when generating mynewsite.key file 7f896bc
@kplawver kplawver Updated Default Configuration (markdown) 59d8347
@kplawver kplawver Updated Default Configuration (markdown) bd4ae0f
@tgraham tgraham Updated Moonshine plugins (textile) 949b5e0
@kplawver kplawver Updated Default Configuration (markdown) 1b2ec53
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Document apache logrotation d3a6481
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Add link to Apache logrotation 18842b5
@tgraham tgraham bump ruby versions in wiki docs 8244290
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Add documentation about capistrano removing config directory in shared_chidlren 9c1bc9d
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Updated Home (textile) 897738e
@railsmachine-ops railsmachine-ops Updated Moonshine plugins (textile) fe51092
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Full paths to config files 5efe170
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Add example using YAML 4ca1267
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Escape character in code block. 3113ad0
@kplawver kplawver Updated Default Configuration (markdown) 111e834
@railsmachine-ops railsmachine-ops Updated Customizing default virtual host (markdown) 8905250
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Updated Home (textile) 39c6d43
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Created Customizing default virtual host (markdown) 92de346
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Updated Customize Rails' Log Rotation (markdown) ee2b3a8
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Created Customize Rails' Log Rotation (markdown) a1501c0
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Updated Home (textile) 87b425d
@kplawver kplawver Initial version. 5859bb4
@kplawver kplawver Updated Home (textile) 8a681f2
@technicalpickles technicalpickles Updated Home (textile) c2186bd
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