I do not even want to try the easier way. Do you have something up and running to test?

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NOTE: Under development!

If you do not want to setup / install the RAPP Platform, or even use the ready-to-deploy ova file we provide, but you want to use some of its functionalities, you can do so by invoking the RAPP Platform services in our already deployed instance.

The IP address of this instance is and you can invoke any HOP service using the following url:

You can find the HOP service names here. Also since we use authentication you must set a RAPP Platform application token if you want to utilize the RAPP Platform API.

Below are examples of calling deployed services, using curl cli (note that the token is passed as header parameter in the call - in the API case this is done automatically):


curl -X POST -d 'json={"ontology_class":"Oven", "recursive": true}' -H "Accept-Token:rapp_token"

will respond with



curl -v -X POST -F "json={"fast"=true}" -F "file=@lenna.jpg" -H "Accept-Token:rapp_token"

will respond with


You might have to read these specifications on how to do valid POST requests to the Web Services