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Awaken spring.

This is an entry in the PyWeek 29 challenge.


Use the mouse to navigate, click (or press shift) to gain speed.

Gamepad controls are also supported. The menus require a D-Pad. Use either stick to turn, and hold trigger, or A, to speed.

If you want to cheat to be done quickly, press M to open a minimap.

Running from source

Requires Python 3 and Panda3D 1.10.6, plus a few other libraries. I recommend installing them via pip:

pip install -r requirements.txt

To run, simply cd to the directory containing the game and type:



Modelling by hjh

Original soundtrack by hjh

Sound effects by hjh

Programming by rdb

Skybox created by Roel (CC BY-NC-SA)

Font is Nunito Bold, licensed under the OFL.

With grateful nod to the PS3 game Flower.

Many thanks to @lordmauve and all the other PyWeek participants for a great challenge!

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