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Redux Options Framework WordPress plugin WordPress Build Status Slack

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Generate your own Underscores + Redux Framework based WordPress theme

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WordPress options framework which uses the WordPress Settings API, Custom Error/Validation Handling, Custom Field/Validation Types, and import/export functionality.


The public beta for Redux v4 is now available! You can find it here:

A couple of things.

  1. Please review carefully the READ ME text posted on the repository. That information is very important and may answer many questions ahead of time.

  2. Please do NOT post issues about Redux v4 in THIS repo. Please use the issue tracker via the link above.

Have fun!

Posting Guidelines for issues and questions

When using our Issue Tracker, you may ask questions where you may be a bit lost or need help understanding the documentation. If, however, you find a bug we require you to read and provide the information contained in our Contributing Guidelines. If you do not provide this information, we will request it before we can support you.

If you are stuck in some of your own code, or need help with PHP and anything else not Redux specific, we request you purchase some Premium Support and we will be happy to assist you. If we feel the issue is outside of our scope we will suggest you to purchase some Premium Support in order for us to serve you.

Kickstart Your Development

Are you authoring a theme, or plugin? Visit the Redux Builder site and get started!


Need a little help with Redux? Come check out our brand new documentation site at, chock full of tutorials and examples!

SMOF (Simple Modified Option Users) Converter!

Hot off the press, our Redux Converter plugin. It takes your SMOF instance, and allows you to try out Redux without any fear. It also spits out valid PHP source for you if you want to migrate complete with data migration! Give it a try today. It will be in the repo shortly. ;)

Help Us Translate Redux

Please head over to the wiki to learn how you can help us translate Redux quickly. Any and all are welcome. We appreciate your help!

Getting Started with Redux

ReduxFramework has been built from the ground up to be the most flexible framework around. You can run it as an auto-updating plugin, or embed it inside your plugin or theme. It allows for multiple copies of itself within the same WordPress instance. For a guide on getting started please refer to

You can also download our sample theme available here to start developing right away.

Please Post Reviews and Spread the Word

ReduxFramework has just released to the WordPress Plugins directory. Please spread the word, tweet, and (most importantly) post reviews on

Donate to the Framework

If you can, please donate to help support the ongoing development of Redux Framework!

Donate to the framework


  • Uses the WordPress Settings API
  • Multiple built in field types
  • Multple layout field types
  • Fields can be overloaded with a callback function, for custom field types
  • Easily extendable by creating Field Classes
  • Built in Validation Classes
  • Easily extendable by creating Validation Classes
  • Custom Validation error handling, including error counts for each section, and custom styling for error fields
  • Custom Validation warning handling, including warning counts for each section, and custom styling for warning fields
  • Multiple Hook Points for customisation
  • Import / Export Functionality - including cross site importing of settings
  • Easily add page help through the class
  • Fully responsive options panel
  • Much more

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  1. Why should we use require_once instead of get_template_part?
  • First, because get_template_part is for... you guessed it, themes! Redux is designed to work with both themes and plugins.
  • Second, read this.
  1. Why shouldn't we edit sample-config.php in the plugin directory?
  • Because sample-config.php will be replaced at each update of the plugin. You will lose all your effort

Are you using Redux?

Send us an email at so we can add you to our showcase!



Running PHP Unit tests

The tests are built using wordpress's make subversion repository

/var/www/wordpress-develop as the destination for the core test files. First download the wordress core tests repository, for these files.

cd /var/www
svn co wordpress-develop

In the newly created /var/www/wordpress-develop directory rename wp-tests-config-sample.php to wp-tests-config.php. Now add your database details to the new file:

// These tests will DROP ALL TABLES in the database with the prefix named below.
// DO NOT use a production database or one that is shared with something else.

define( 'DB_NAME', 'wordpress-tests' );
define( 'DB_USER', 'root' );
define( 'DB_PASSWORD', 'passowrd' );
define( 'DB_HOST', 'localhost' );
define( 'DB_CHARSET', 'utf8' );
define( 'DB_COLLATE', '' );
  • n.b. you may need to create the database first.
  • n.b. n.b. also note that the database used will be emptied on each run.

Set the WP_TESTS_DIR environment variable so that the redux-framework test bootstrap file can find the wordpress core tests:

export WP_TESTS_DIR='/var/www/wordpress-develop/tests/phpunit/includes/'

You should now be able to run the redux-framework unit tests:

redux-framework$ phpunit
Welcome to the TIVWP Test Suite
Version: 1.0

Tests folder: /var/www/wordpress-develop/tests/phpunit/includes/

Configuration read from