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AlexCatarino commented Jun 5, 2019

Actual Behavior

The SwissArmyKnife indicator should have all the SwissArmyKnifeTool as sub-indicators.

Potential Solution

If we want to use more than one SwissArmyKnifeTool, we need to create one indicator for each.


  • I have completely filled out this template
  • I have confirmed that this issue exists on the current master branch
  • I have con
tversteeg commented Sep 10, 2019

The timing.cpp example is broken when passing flags:

This works fine:

./timing -n 10 exename -- some_string

This gives a parse error:

./timing -n 10 exename -- --another-flag -a

I would like to have functionality similar to this so I can pass the arguments after -- to another executable like in

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davidfaber commented Feb 9, 2019

Hi there,
Thank you so much for this awesome plugin. One thing though.... I recently added it to an existing site of mine and I came up with an SQL-Script that does two things:

  1. It moves all stored data from "All languages" to en_GB
  2. It copies existing fields to a new language (de_DE) in my case

I think this can be very useful for other users too, e.g. if add the plugin to an existing

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