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RAPT Pygame Example

This serves as an example of how to get a simple Pygame game working on Android.

Step 0: Ready the game.

Please ensure that the main file of your game is named

Please ensure that your game will run with pygame_sdl2. Generally, this consists of adding the lines:

    import pygame_sdl2
except ImportError:

to the top of your file, before the first import of pygame. (However, note that pygame_sdl2 does not yet implement all of pygame.)

For now, RAPT supports only python2.7.

This repository serves as a simple pygame_sdl2-ready game.

Step 1: Install dependencies.

RAPT depends on your computer having a JDK in the path, and Python 2.7 installed. On Windows, you'll need a 32-bit JDK if you're using a 32-bit Python 2.7.

You may also need to install device drivers and permissions to ensure that the Android SDK will talk to your device.

Step 2: Download and unzip RAPT.

Download the latest nightly build of RAPT from . The file you want will end in Unzip the file. All further commands should be run from inside the rapt directory.

Step 3: Install the Android SDK.

This can be done by running:

python installsdk

RAPT will prompt you to accept various license, and create a signing key. This has to be done only once per RAPT install.

Step 4: Configure the game.

Configure the game:

python configure /path/to/rapt-pygame-example

The correct answers vary depending on the game. For our example, we used:

  • Full Name: Android Test
  • Short Name: Android Test
  • Package Name: org.renpy.android_test
  • Human-readable Version: 1.0
  • Version Code: 100
  • Orientation: 1) Landscape
  • Expansion APK: 1) No
  • Android Version: 3) Android 4.0
  • Application Layout: 1) Single directory, device internal storage.
  • Include Source Code: no
  • Permissions: VIBRATE
  • SQlite3: no (may not work)
  • PIL: no (may not work)

This must be done once per game.

Step 5: Build, Install, and Run the game.

This can be done with the command:

python --launch build /path/to/rapt-pygame-example release install

This must be done each time the game changes, to ensure the latest version is on the device.


Example of using RAPT to package Pygame(_sdl2) games.






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