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Release Notes for REST Assured 2.1.0


  • Introducing support for Json Schema validation. For example given the following schema located in the classpath as products-schema.json:

        "$schema": "",
        "title": "Product set",
        "type": "array",
        "items": {
            "title": "Product",
            "type": "object",
            "properties": {
                "id": {
                    "description": "The unique identifier for a product",
                    "type": "number"
                "name": {
                    "type": "string"
                "price": {
                    "type": "number",
                    "minimum": 0,
                    "exclusiveMinimum": true
                "tags": {
                    "type": "array",
                    "items": {
                        "type": "string"
                    "minItems": 1,
                    "uniqueItems": true
                "dimensions": {
                    "type": "object",
                    "properties": {
                        "length": {"type": "number"},
                        "width": {"type": "number"},
                        "height": {"type": "number"}
                    "required": ["length", "width", "height"]
                "warehouseLocation": {
                    "description": "Coordinates of the warehouse with the product",
                    "$ref": ""
            "required": ["id", "name", "price"]

    you can validate that a resource (/products) conforms with the schema:


    matchesJsonSchemaInClasspath is statically imported from com.jayway.restassured.module.jsv.JsonSchemaValidator and it's recommended to statically import all methods from this class. However in order to use it you need to depend on the json-schema-validator module by either downloading it from the download page or add the following dependency from Maven:

  • Added support to for mixing text and path assertions. For example:

    get("/lotto").then().body(containsString("\"numbers\":[52")).and().body("", hasItems(23, 54));
  • Added support for disabling hostname verification during certificate authentication by using the CertificateAuthSettings:

    given().auth().certificate(certUrl, password, certAuthSettings().using().allowAllHostnames(). ..
  • Added SSLConfig which allows you to better configure SSL configuration such as KeyStore and host name verification strategies. It's also much simpler to allow all host names (when a server has a bad certificate specifying an invalid host name). Instead of having to create and import a KeyStore you can now do:

    RestAssured.config = newConfig().sslConfig(sslConifg().allowAllHostnames());

Non-backward compatible changes

  • It's no longer possible to assert that an empty response object has a path that is null, for example let's say that the "/statusCode409WithNoBody" resource returns an empty body:

    expect().contentType(ContentType.JSON).body("error", equalTo(null)).when().get("/statusCode409WithNoBody"); // This will now throw assertion error
  • Changed default response content charset from ISO-8859-1 to system default charset. The reason for this that most users would probably expect the system default charset. To change the behaviour use the DecoderConfig.
  • Changed default request content charset from ISO-8859-1 to system default charset. The reason for this that most users would probably expect the system default charset. To change the behaviour use the EncoderConfig.
  • Removed the following methods from the RestAssured and AuthenticationSpecification API:
  • certificate(String certURL, String password, String certType, int port, KeystoreProvider trustStoreProvider) They are replaced by the certificate(String certURL, String password, CertificateAuthSettings certificateAuthSettings) method. For example:

    RestAssured.authentication = certificate(certUrl, password, certAuthSettings().with().port(435));


    given().auth().certificate(certUrl, password, certAuthSettings().with().port(435)). ..
  • Removed static method "RestAssured.keystore()". You can now get the keystore settings from the SSLConfig instead.
  • Removed the com.jayway.restassured.authentication.KeyStoreProvider interface. The KeyStoreProvider was actually NOT used to create a KeyStore but rather a trust store. To specify the trust store after this change use the SSLConfig or certificate authentication.
  • All keystore related methods in the RestAssured API now returns void instead of KeyStoreSpec.
  • Removed method "RestAssured.keyStore()". If you want to get the configured "keystore" configuration you can now call "RestAssured.config().getSSLConfig();".


  • Deprecated RestAssured#certificate(String certURL, String password, String certType, int port)
  • Deprecated AuthenticationSpecification#certificate(String certURL, String password, String certType, int port)

Minor changes

See change log for more details.