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Intelligent WHOIS client
C Groff Perl Makefile
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debian Debian changelog for 5.2.10
po Add the missing Language headers in some PO files
.gitignore Split nic_handles_list off tld_serv_list
COPYING Imported Debian version 5.0.13
Makefile Delete the new_gtlds.h generated file on make clean
README Update the README file for the modern age
as32_del_list Add more ASN entries for Japan and Korea
as_del_list Add new ASN allocations
config.h mkpasswd: use arc4random_buf where available
data.h Update TLD servers: vg
ip6_del_list Imported Debian version 4.7.22
ip_del_list Update some IPv4 allocations
ip_del_recovered.h Add new recovered IPv4 allocations Make the small perl programs uniform in style Fix some invalid ASN and networks entries Make the small perl programs uniform in style Make the small perl programs uniform in style Use the IANA recovered address space list fix the validation regexp in Split nic_handles_list off tld_serv_list Make the small perl programs uniform in style Convert tld_serv_list to in_domain() Update to support Debian binNMUs
mkpasswd.1 Imported Debian version 5.0.1
mkpasswd.c mkpasswd: exit if crypt_gensalt on Solaris fails
new_gtlds_list Update the list of new gTLDs
nic_handles_list Split nic_handles_list off tld_serv_list
ripe-mail Imported Debian version 4.6.3
servers_charset_list Add the .xn--d1alf and .xn--node TLD servers
simple_recode.c Free memory on error in simple_recode()
simple_recode.h Imported Debian version 5.0.0
tld_serv_list Update TLD servers: ki
utils.c Imported Debian version 5.0.13
utils.h Imported Debian version 4.7.35
whois.1 Fix a typo in whois(1)
whois.c Support hiding multiple disclaimers blocks
whois.conf Imported Debian version 5.0.18
whois.conf.5 whois.conf(5): add an example about AS numbers
whois.h Update IDSTRING to 5.2


In 1999 I wrote this Whois client from scratch because the alternatives
were obsolete or bloated.

This client is intelligent and can automatically select the appropriate
whois server for most queries.

The internal database is often more accurate than IANA's published one,
but please send me any information you have regarding domains and network
resources which are not correctly handled by the program.

Because of historical reasons this package also contains the mkpasswd
program, which can be used to encrypt a password with crypt(3).

The canonical distribution point for releases of the program is .

Useful information sources:

Marco d'Itri <>

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