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This major release switches to a safer and more extensible protocol, adds a brand new icon and 11 new language translations, and includes many UI fixes as well as security updates for Tor and OpenSSL.


Other downloads and PGP signatures are available at https://ricochet.im/releases/1.1.0/. As always, you can share any bugs, ideas, and thoughts through GitHub or privately.

Important note about old versions

This version is not "backwards compatible" with contacts that run Ricochet 1.0.4 or older. Your contacts must also update in order to chat again. You will keep your existing address and contacts.

To get everyone updated quickly, people running an older version will see an automatic message one time from their updated contacts. We intend to keep compatibility in the future, and to not need to resort to this method again.

Security fixes

This release fixes two issues in Tor, which allow an attacker to crash the tor client and force Ricochet offline. There is no possibility of exploitation or code execution through these bugs.


Blueprint for Free Speech generously sponsored the protocol changes, and is doing fantastic work for freedom of expression and whistleblowers.

This update was possible thanks to help and contributions from:

Robin Burchell, Patrick Gray, Suelette Dreyfus, Lawrence Eastland, HD Moore, The Grugq, Kevin Littlejohn, Jan Noertemann, Gabe Edwards, ivopetkovcz, Einfach, Mikkel Kroman, mijnheer, Meternalf, reviewjolla, rike, Creaprog, CrumpyGat, Jordi, franck99, Daniel James Smith, esqfax, swperman, vla8752, qualte, strel, rawtaz, taskmaster, cbolat, basarancaner, l3rixon, nergal, weedpatch2, yawnbox, and other anonymous contributors.


  • Implement a new protocol, intended to improve safety and extensibility
  • Brand new application icon (#11), contributed by Lawrence Eastland
  • Add Bulgarian, Czech, German, Finnish, Tagalog, French, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, and Ukranian translations
  • Show a timestamp in chat when more than an hour has passed since the last message. Patch from Jan Noertemann and Robin Burchell
  • Improve contact preferences UI design and behavior (#18)
  • Refresh contact list UI design
  • Make sure chat windows are always opened fully on screen (#85). Patch from Jan Noertemann.
  • Fix windows not always flashing for new messages on Windows (#114). Patch from Jan Noertemann.
  • Fix network setup getting stuck when tor fails to launch
  • Correctly display newlines in chat messages (regression from 1.0.1)
  • Remove the unnecessary hidden service self-test at startup (#26)
  • Windows builds now use MinGW for better automation and compatibility
  • Update to Qt 5.4.1, OpenSSL 1.0.1m, and Tor