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An XMPP Framework in Objective-C for Mac and iOS
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An XMPP Framework in Objective-C for the Mac / iOS development community.

XMPPFramework provides a core implementation of RFC-3920 (the xmpp standard), along with the tools needed to read & write XML. It comes with multiple popular extensions (XEP's), all built atop a modular architecture, allowing you to plug-in any code needed for the job. Additionally the framework is massively parallel and thread-safe. Structured using GCD, this framework performs well regardless of whether it's being run on an old iPhone, or on a 12-core Mac Pro. (And it won't block the main thread... at all)

Overview of the XMPP Framework
Getting started using XMPPFramework on Mac OS X
Getting started using XMPPFramework on iOS
XEPs supported by the XMPPFramework
Learn more about XMPPFramework

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