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ROS 2 command line interface tools
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This repository contains the source code for ROS 2 command line interface tools included with a standard install of any ROS 2 distro.


Run ros2 --help to see all available commands.

Run ros2 <command> --help for more information on individual command usage.

Run ros2 <command> <verb> --help for even more usage information on a specific command's verbs.

Read Introspection with command line tools on ROS Index for more information and an example.

Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet provides examples for commands and their verbs (some of which rely on the ROS 2 demos package).

Add New Verbs

You can use Python entry points to create new commands and verbs for the CLI.

Here's an example.

And here's an example for how to add a command.


You can find a historical discussion on this subject on Discourse.

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