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  • Fixed issues:
    • Fixes issue #51 ("overlapping shapes") where some glyphs' vector data
      would include overlapping paths that would cause issues in some particual
      software that didn't pre-process glyph vector data.
      This causes a very slight increase in file size.
  • Metrics:
    • Ascender changed from 2688 to 2708 and descender from -640 to -660.
      This means that the natural line height has increased slightly.
      In practice it's now about x-height distance between two lines.
    • The spacing of the Regular weight has been increased very slightly by
      16 UPM, or 0.0057em. You may want to correct any letter-spacing/tracking
      adjustments you've made using earlier versions by -0.0057em.
    • Underline position has been increased by 0.0589em (from 256 to 422 UPM)
    • Underline and overline thickness has been increased to 170 UPM (from 128)
  • Glyphs & appearance:
    • Italic (oblique, really) angle has increased very slighlty (by 2 degrees)
    • Spacing and placement of glyphs in italic weights has been improved, meaning
      that cursor and selection ranges should now be more precise.
    • "s" glyph of Black and Bold weights has been significantly improved to
      provide both better contrast and a better over-all pace.
    • Significantly improved kerning of U+00EF "idieresis", U+1E2F "idieresisacute"
      and U+0129 "itilde"
    • Bullet glyph is now slightly smaller, especially in the lighter weights.
    • "a" glyph has been slightly refined. The changes are most visible in Black
      and Bold weights at the lower vertical stem which has been made a little more
      narrow. The connecting loop at that point has also been made thinner to
      increase contrast.
    • "~" (U+007E "asciitilde") glyph has been aesthetically improved
    • Two new glyphs: U+2717 "Ballot X" and U+2713 "Check mark"
    • Notable minor improvements to U+00D7 "multiply" and to U+2023 "trianglebullet"
    • "r" glyph of Black weight has recieved an update and the extension at the top
      is now longer and terminates into the vertical stem with higher contrast.
    • Change to contextual alternate glyph substitution of arrows:
      Hyphen combined with greater (">") or less ("<") now causes the substitution
      of the shorter arrows (U+2190 and U+2192). Combinations with ndash and emdash
      still yields substitutions with the longer arrows. In previous versions,
      hyphen combinatins would also cause substitutions with longer arrows, which
      would make the advance longer than expected.

https://gist.github.com/rsms/33683776e955847399984a2ee2eb750a contains a complete
list of all modified and removed glyphs.