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myronmarston commented Jan 22, 2014

This is a follow up to #1236. It's @michihuber's work plus the start of fixes I've applied based on mine and @JonRowe's feedback on that PR. This supercedes that PR.

myronmarston referenced this pull request Jan 22, 2014


Alias example group #1236

michihuber and others added some commits Apr 8, 2013

@michihuber @myronmarston michihuber first aliasing feature bb61140
@michihuber @myronmarston michihuber ExampleGroup#alias_example_group_to acf7bad
@michihuber @myronmarston michihuber rename #describe to #example_group
@michihuber @myronmarston michihuber use new metadata interface be029ce
@michihuber @myronmarston michihuber expose example group aliases on RSpec and globally if configured 78a82ad
@myronmarston myronmarston Cleanup docs a bit. a5a09c1
@myronmarston myronmarston Standardize on `__send__` over `send`.
We've occasionally received bug reports related to
users having objects that redefine `send` (e.g.
`Email#send`), and using `__send__` is best to avoid
those problems.

Many of the receivers of `__send__` here are objects
we own and that do not (and never will) redefine `send`;
however, for consistency, it's good to standardize on
`__send__`. That way, we're less likely to forget it in
the future for a case where it does matter.
@myronmarston myronmarston Add missing spec.
This already worked but wasn't covered by a test.
@myronmarston myronmarston Improve DSL specs.
- Cover all the edge cases.
- Use a subprocess for global config changes.
- No need to use a separate example group per method.
  It adds to the runtime of the test suite with no benefit.
@myronmarston myronmarston Ensure example group aliases are exposed globally if so configured.
Before, they were not exposed globally if the config option
was already set.
@myronmarston myronmarston Cleanup how the DSL is defined.
- No need to use send.
- Extract change_global_dsl helper method.
@myronmarston myronmarston Update ignored method cache busters. dc5bec9
@myronmarston myronmarston Fix invalid 1.8.7 syntax. 22aa6ba

michihuber commented Jan 23, 2014

Thanks @myronmarston for taking over!
(I just came back online, which is why I couldn't continue working on this earlier.)


myronmarston commented Jan 24, 2014

OK, I think this is ready to merge. @michihuber / @JonRowe -- care to review what I've done on top of #1236?


myronmarston commented Jan 28, 2014

Anyone want to review this?

/cc @JonRowe @xaviershay @samphippen @alindeman @soulcutter

@JonRowe JonRowe commented on the diff Jan 28, 2014

+ example group in order to temporarily disable the examples.
+ * `fdescribe` and `fcontext` add `:focus` metadata to the
+ example group in order to make it easy to temporarily
+ focus the example group (when combined with `config.filter_run :focus`.)
+ Scenario: custom example group aliases with metadata
+ Given a file named "nested_example_group_aliases_spec.rb" with:
+ """ruby
+ RSpec.configure do |c|
+ c.alias_example_group_to :detail, :detailed => true
+ end
+ RSpec.detail "a detail" do
+ it "can do some less important stuff" do
+ end
+ end

JonRowe Jan 28, 2014


This doesn't "prove" the :detailed => true part of the alias, do we care? Perhaps we could assert on the metadata?

Scratch that I see you're using tags.


myronmarston Jan 28, 2014


Honestly, I'm not super happy with this cucumber example. Got a better idea?

@JonRowe JonRowe commented on the diff Jan 28, 2014

+ changing_expose_dsl_globally do
+ RSpec.configuration.expose_dsl_globally = true
+ expect(RSpec.configuration.expose_dsl_globally?).to eq true
+ end
+ yield
+ end
+ end
+ it 'are only available off of `RSpec`, `main` and modules' do
+ enable do
+ expect(::RSpec).to respond_to(*method_names)
+ expect(main).to respond_to(*method_names)
+ expect( respond_to(*method_names)
+ expect( respond_to(*method_names)

JonRowe Jan 28, 2014


Did not know you could splat method names into that...

@JonRowe JonRowe commented on an outdated diff Jan 28, 2014

lib/rspec/core/shared_example_group.rb: undef shared_examples
lib/rspec/core/shared_example_group.rb: undef shared_context
lib/rspec/core/shared_example_group.rb: undef share_examples_for
lib/rspec/core/shared_example_group.rb: undef shared_examples_for
lib/rspec/core/shared_example_group.rb: undef shared_example_groups
-lib/rspec/core/shared_example_group.rb: Core::DSL.top_level.instance_eval(&to_undefine)
-lib/rspec/core/shared_example_group.rb: Module.class_exec(&to_undefine)

JonRowe Jan 28, 2014


Stray whitespace... ;)


JonRowe commented Jan 28, 2014

Apart from my white space niggle, LGTM :P

myronmarston merged commit 729f2f7 into master Jan 28, 2014

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myronmarston deleted the pr-1236-rebased branch Jan 28, 2014

xaviershay changed the title from Pr 1236 rebased to Alias example group Apr 27, 2014

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