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DAWGs (directed acyclic word graphs) are minimal, highly compressed dictionaries implemented using deterministic acyclic finite state automata, providing lightning fast lookup speeds.

Some properties:

  • Prefix data structure (just like a trie)
  • Optimal lookup complexity O(length)
  • Small size, fast loading (stored as an array of ints)

This Java class provides read-only access to files created by the dawgdic C++ library and DAWG Python module.

Taken from:

Building in C++

A single C++ source file "dawgdic-build.cpp" which uses the dawgdic library is included in this package to build a dawg from a lexicon file, which has sorted lexicons separated by line feeds (not CRLF), and write it to disk. This code is not rigorously tested, so may give nasty suprises!

g++ -O3 dawgdic-build.cpp -o dawgdic-build
dawgdic-build lexicons.txt lexicon-dawg.dawg

Building in Python

Using the DAWG module, building the dawg is as simple as

import dawg
d = dawg.DAWG(data)'lexicon-dawg.dawg')
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