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Structured Content editing for DNN (Dotnetnuke)


  • Html module replacement for responsive websites
  • Easy content editing of complex layouts by end users
  • Content editing for websites using frameworks like bootstrap


  • Structured content editing of complex data (from single item to multiple lists)
  • Field types for Text, HTML, Images (with cropper) and more.
  • Template based rendering
  • Multi language
  • Template exchange with data definition and templates
  • Module title editing from the Content editing UI
  • Online template editing
  • And much more...

Documentation : [url:]

** Starter Templates Demos : [url:] Templates download : [url:] Templates on GitHub [url:]

Join the chat at

Build by AppVeyor

GitHub Analitycs - OpenContent


Create a topic branch from where you want to base your work. This is usually the 'development' branch.

To quickly create a topic branch based on development; git checkout -b my_contribution development Make commits of logical units.

Set up development environment

To set up a development environment and build DNN Dev Tools, just follow the steps below:

  • Download and extract the source code or clone the Git repository
  • Install a new DNN instance (DNN 07.03.00 or later) under \PATH\TO\OpenContent..\Website
  • Open the solution file \PATH\OpenContent\OpenContent.sln in Visual Studio 2015 (launch Visual Studio as administrator)
  • Build in Release mode, which creates the DNN module zip file \PATH\TO\OpenContent..\Website\Install\Module\OpenContent_[XX.XX.XX]
  • Log-in as host administrator and browser to the page "Host > Extensions" and install DNN Dev Tools under "Available Extensions > Modules"
  • (optionally) Build the solution in Debug mode to copy the files to the Website folder instead of creating a DNN module zip file
  • (optionally) Open a Powershell console and run \PATH\TO\OpenContent\AutoDeployment.ps1 to automatically copy frontend resources (like scripts or styles) to the Website folder when changing them in the solution