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For Current Development, see Discordia


MUD game and server that uses discord as a player interface



In order to run, you must set up and configure your own user bot. More info can be found here.

Once you get a token, create a new environmental variable called DISCORD_BOT_TOKEN, and set it to be your token.

Then, run Your bot should log in, and a world creation dialog should appear. Currently, the dialog only asks for a world name and grid size.

world creation window

Getting started

When you are done, some randomly generated terrain should appear.

grass window

Once your world is created, you need to add a starting town. Click on the button to enter Add Town mode. Click on a location on the grid to add your first town. A dialog will pop-up asking you for some more parameters.

town window

Now it is time to create a character. The prefix for the bot is * by default. In a valid chat channel, type *register. The bot will ask you if you want to join the server. Type yes. The bot will then prompt you to name your character. Once you have given your character a name, you should see it spawn on top of the starting town in the GUI.

character window

Player Controls

  • register
    • Create a new player character and spawn into the game world.
  • whereami
    • Get your grid location, and a picture of your surroundings, as far as your FOV can see.
  • whoami
    • Prints your "character sheet" in chat. Contains player name and equipment.
  • go [n, e, s, w]
    • Move your player character in the direction specified.
  • inventory
    • Displays a list of the items in the players inventory
    • equip [index]
      • Have your PC equip the item from your inventory with the specified index.
    • unequip [index]
      • Remove the item from your equipment and put it back into your inventory.
  • attack <n, e, s, w, ne, se, sw, nw>
    • Attack another player with your currently equipped weapon. If no direction is specified, the user will attack in the current position only. Otherwise, ranged weapons go in a single direction like a "beam", until they either a) hit another player and apply damage, or b) Miss, as the damage falloff, as each tile the projectile traverses removes % damage until it goes to 0.
  • town
    • Calling town with no parameters is a debug command to check if you're inside a town or not.
    • inn
      • Run the events of the town's inn. Usually restores health/resources.
    • build [base]
      • base
        • Build a personal base on an unoccupied square. Use this for health/ammo resupply. (Note: Currently does not require any resources to build; will change to be much more expensive in the future.)
    • store
      • Lists all the items (Name, Price, Quantity) in the Town's store.
      • buy [index]
        • Purchase the item at the given index, adding it to your inventory.
      • sell
        • Sell an item from your inventory, removing it and giving you some money.